List of Cattle Breeds

Cattle is the most important among the domestic animals. Cattle farming is very profitable, easy to maintain and a traditional business. But for getting better profit from cattle farming business, you must have to select suitable and productive cattle breeds for for your farm. There are many cattle breeds available around the world. Some of those cattle breeds are highly milk productive and some are highly meat productive. And some cattle are famous for both milk and meat production. The cattle breeds are classified below on the basis of their origin and production purpose.

On the Basis of Production: According to the effectiveness and production of milk and meat, the cattle breeds are of four types.

  • Milk Breed: This types of cattle breed become highly milk productive. Some famous milk productive cattle breeds are holstein friesian, sahiwal, jersey, red sindhi, brown swiss, ayrshire etc.
  • Beef Breed: This breeds are very famous for their meat production. Highly meat productive cattle breeds are angus, beefmaster, brahman, devon, shorthorn, hallikar etc.
  • Both Milk and Beef Productive: This type of cattle breeds are popular for both milk and beef production. Haryana, tharparkar, red pool, kankrej, milking shorthorn etc. are famous for both milk and beef production.
  • Draft Breed: The bull of this types of cattle breed are very suitable for hard working. Some important draft cattle breeds are haryana, amritmahal, malvi, krishna valley, bhagnari etc.

On the Basis of Origin: The cattle breeds on the basis of origination are of three types which are described below.

  • Deshi Breed: This type of cattle breeds are local breeds. They are very calm and quite in nature and medium sized. Their body colors are different from each to another. They produce less milk and beef than other breeds, but suitable for small scale family farming. Red Chittagong is a famous deshi cattle breed.
  • Foreign Breed: This types of cattle breeds were originated from different parts of the world. Sahiwal, holstein friesian, jersey, red sindhi, haryana, ayrshire etc. are famous foreign cattle breed.
  • Hybrid Breed: Hybrid cattle breed were made through the artificial insemination of different types of cattle. For example inseminating Holstein Friesian cow with sahiwal bull creates a high productive hybrid cattle.

A list of popular and famous breeds of cattle around the world are listed below.

List of Cattle Breeds

Name Origin Purpose
Abondance France Milk, meat
Adaptaur Australia Meat
Afrikaner South Africa Meat
Agerolese Italy Milk
Alambadi India Draught
Albera France, Spain Meat
American Milking Devon United States Milk, meat, draught
Anatolian Black Turkey Milk, meat, draught
Andalusian Black Spain Meat
Angus Scotland Meat
Ankole-Watusi East Africa Milk, meat, draught, show
Argentine Criollo Argentina Milk, meat
Armorican France Milk, meat
Arouquesa Portugal Milk, meat
Asturian Valley Spain Milk, meat
Aubrac France Milk, meat
Australian Braford Australia Meat
Ayrshire Scotland Milk
Bargur India Milk, draught
Barzona United States Meat
Bazadaise France Meat
Belgian Blue Belgium Milk, meat
Belgian Red Belgium Milk, meat
Belmont Red Australia Meat
Belted Galloway Scotland Meat
Blaarkop Netherlands Milk
Black Hereford England Meat
Blonde d’Aquitaine France Meat
Boran Eastern Africa Meat
Brahman India Milk, meat, draught
Brangus United States Meat
Braunvieh Switzerland Milk, meat
Brava France Meat
Brown Swiss India Milk, meat, draught
Burlina Italy Milk
Busa Dinaric Alps Milk, meat, draught
Cachena Portugal/Spain Milk, meat, draught
Camargue France Meat, draught, sport
Canadian Speckle Park Canada Meat
Canadienne Canada Milk, meat
Canchim Brazil Meat
Caracu Brazil Milk, meat, draught
Casta France Milk, meat
Charolais France Meat, draught
Chianina Italy Meat, draught
Chinese Black Pied China Milk
Corriente Spain Milk, meat, draught, sport
Corsican France Meat
Dangi India Milk, draught
Danish Red Denmark Milk, meat
Deoni India
Devon England Milk, meat
Dexter Ireland Milk, meat
Dhanni Pakistan Milk, meat, draught
Droughtmaster Australia Meat
Dutch Belted Netherlands Milk, meat
English Longhorn England Milk, meat
Evolene Switzerland Milk
Finn Finland Milk, meat
Fjall Sweden Milk, meat
Fleckvieh Austria Milk, meat
Florida Cracker United States Meat
French Simmental France Milk, meat
Galloway Scotland Meat, draught
Gangatiri India Milk, draught
Gaolao India Milk, draught
Gascon France Meat, draught
Gelbvieh Germany Milk, meat, draught
German Angus Germany Meat
Gir India Dairy
Glan Germany Milk, meat, draught
Gloucester England Milk, meat, draught
Greek Shorthorn Greece Milk, meat
Halikar India Draught
Haryana India Milk, draught
Hays Converter Canada Meat
Heck Germany Science
Hereford England Meat
Herens Switzerland Meat, cow fighting
Highland Scotland Meat
Hinterwald Germany Milk, meat
Holando-Argentino Argentina Milk, meat
Holstein Friesian Netherlands Milk
Hungarian Grey Hungary Meat, draught
Icelandic Iceland Milk
Illawarra Australia Milk, meat
Irish Moiled Ireland Milk, meat
Istoben Kirov region Milk, meat
Jamaica Hope Jamaica Milk
Jersey Channel Islands Milk
Jutland Denmark Milk, meat
Kankrej India Draught
Kangayam India Draught
Kazakh Whiteheaded Kazakhstan, Russia Milk, meat
Kenkatha India Draught
Kerry Ireland Milk, meat
Kherigarh India Draught
Khillari India Draught
Kostroma Russia Milk, meat
Krishna Valley India Milk, draught
Kuri Africa Milk, meat, draught
Lourdais France Milk, meat, draught
Lowline Australia Meat
Luing Scotland Meat
Lohani Pakistan Meat, draught
Lithuanian Red Lithuania Meat
Lincoln Red United Kingdom Meat
Limousin France Meat, draught
Limia Spain Milk, meat, draught
Lebedyn Ukraine Milk
Latvian Brown Latvia Milk, meat
Madura Indonesia Milk, meat, draught, racing
Maine-Anjou France Milk, meat, draught
Malnad Gidda India Milk, draught
Malvi India Draught
Marchigiana Italy Meat, draught
Maremmana Italy Milk, meat, draught
Maronesa Portugal Milk, meat, draught
Mewati India Milk, draught
Milking Shorthorn Great Britain Milk, meat
Mirandesa Portugal Meat, draught
Mongolian China Meat, draught
Montbéliarde France Milk, meat
Murboden Austria Milk, meat, draught
Murnau-Werdenfels Germany Milk
Murray Grey Australia Meat
Nagori India Draught
N’dama Guinea Milk, meat
Nelore India Meat, draught
Nguni Africa Milk, meat
Nimari India Draught
Normande France Milk, meat
Norwegian Red Norway Milk, meat
Ongole India Meat, draught
Pajuna Spain Meat, draught
Pantaneiro Brazil Meat, milk
Parthenais France Meat, draught
Pembroke Wales Milk, meat
Pie Rouge des Plaines France Milk
Piedmontese Italy Milk, meat
Pinzgauer Austria Milk, meat
Pirenaica Spain Meat, draught
Podolica Italy Milk, meat, draught
Polish Red Poland Milk, meat, draught
Ponwar India Draught
Punganur India Milk, meat, draught
Pustertaler Sprinzen Italy Meat
Ramo Grande Portugal Milk, meat, draught
Randall United States Milk, meat, draught
Rathi India Milk, draught, domestic
Red Angus Scotland Milk, meat
Red Kandhari India Draught, domestic
Red Poll England Milk, meat
Red Sindhi India/Pakistan Milk, meat
Ringamala Sweden Milk
Romagnola Italy Meat, draught
Romosinuano Colombia Meat
Rubia Gallega Spain Milk, meat
Sahiwal India Milk
Santa Gertrudis United States Meat
Sayaguesa Spain Meat, draught
Senepol Caribbean Island Meat
Shetland Scotland Meat, draught
Shorthorn England Meat
Simmental Switzerland Milk, meat, draught
Siri Bhutan Milk, draught
South Devon England Milk, meat
Southern Yellow China, Vietnam, Taiwan Milk
Spanish Fighting Bull Spain Meat, sport
Square Meater Australia Meat
Sussex England Meat
Swedish Red Sweden Milk
Tarentaise France Milk, meat
Telemark Norway Milk, meat
Texas Longhorn United States Milk, meat
Tharparkar India Milk, draught
Tswana Botswana Milk, meat
Tudanca Spain Milk, meat, draught
Tux Austria Milk
Tyrolese Grey Austria Milk, meat
Ukrainian Grey Ukraine Domestic
Umblachery India Draught
Vaynol Scotland Meat
Vechur India Milk
Vorderwald Germany Milk, meat
Welsh Black Wales Meat
White Fulani Africa Meat
White Park United Kingdom Milk, meat
Whitebred Shorthorn United Kingdom Meat
Yakutian Russia Milk, meat, draught
Yanbian China Draught
Yurino Ukraine Domestic


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