Sahiwal Cow

The sahiwal cow breed originated form Montgomery zila of Panjab province of Pakistan. This cow breed can be found in many countries of Asia. The main characteristics of sahiwal cow are described below.
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  • They are of medium sized on an average.
  • Color of their body is coppery.
  • They are very long and high in size.
  • Dewlap, ears and umbilicus are hanging.
  • They have big hunchback.
  • Dewlap is very big sized.
  • Surrounded skin of umbilicus become thick and slack.
  • Head is short in size and the forehead is elevated.
  • Horns are small in size but thick.
  • Udder is big sized and hanging.
  • Tail of sahiwal cow is very long. About to touch the ground.
  • Adult ox weights about 400-500 kg and cow 700-800 kg.
  • Heifer takes about 3-3.5 years to produce calf for the first time.
  • Cow gives about 12-15 kg milk daily and 3000-4000 kg annually.
  • The calf weights about 22-28 kg when they born.
  • Milk of sahiwal cow contain 4.5% fat.


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