Tharparkar Cow

Tharparkar cow breed originated from Pakistan. This cow is available in all places of Pakistan and also available in some other countries of Asia. They are highly milk productive cow breed. The main characteristics of tharparkar cow are listed below.
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  • Tharparkar cow become white colored.
  • They are of medium sized and become very strong.
  • They are slightly shorter then haryana cow.
  • Dewlap is big and wide but smaller than red sindhi and sahiwal cow.
  • Hunchback is big and wide.
  • Cow gives 8-10 kg milk daily and 3000-3500 kg annually.
  • They can survive by consuming less food.
  • Horns are medium and thick.
  • Adult tharparkar cow weights about 400 kg and bull 450 kg.
  • Legs are comparatively short.
  • 5% fat in their milk.


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