Lohani Cattle

The Lohani cattle are draft type breed of cattle. They are mainly found in the Loralai district of Baluchistan province and Dera Ismail Khan in NWF province of Pakistan.

The Lohani cattle belong to the zebu breed of cattle. And they are typically found in the hilly areas of Pakistan and India. Exact origins of these cattle breed are unknown.

But it is believed that the breed originated from Lorali in Pakistan. These animals are adapted to survive here as they have relatively long legs to cross the uneven hills (which are typically between 3000 and 10000 feet tall), and they are short in size.

This cattle breed is also called Acchai cattle in the North West Frontier of Pakistan, where these animals are found in many numbers.

The Lohani cattle originally were a working animal, and used for agricultural and transportation tasks. But they are now also being used as milking animals.

Usually they are very hardy and active animals and are well suited to their native place. They can do well in Loralai and similar hilly areas. Read more information about the Lohani cattle breed below.

Lohani Cattle Characteristics

The Lohani cattle are smaller in size than many other types of cattle. They are actually draft type cattle with a narrow face, big eyes and small ears.

They have well developed hump, moderate dewlap, black switch of tail and the cows have small tucked up udder. They are normally red in color with white spots.

Forehead of these animals is slightly concave and often has white markings. Both cows and bulls usually have horns. Their horns usually are long, thick and vertical.

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Average body weight of the bulls is 300-350 kg, and the cows on average weights about 235 kg. Photo from Petmapz and info form Wikipedia.


Lohani cattle were actually a working breed. They were used for transportation and agricultural tasks. But now they are used for milk production as well.

Special Notes

The Lohani cattle are very hardy and active animals. As a smaller sized cattle breed, they are very suitable for light work in hilly and sub-hilly areas.

They are well adapted and can perform very well in these areas. Review full breed profile of this breed in the table below.

Breed NameLohani
Other NameAcchai
Breed PurposeDraft
Special NotesActive, Hardy
Breed SizeSmall
BullsAbout 300-350 kg
CowsAbout 235 kg
Climate ToleranceAll Climates
Coat ColorRed with white spots
Milk YieldLow
Country/Place of OriginPakistan

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