Holstein Friesian Cow

Holstein friesian cow originated form Friesland area of Holland. Now this cow breed is available all over the world. The characteristics of holstein friesian cow are listed below.
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  • They are very big sized.
  • They have no hunchback.
  • The color of their body generally become mixed with black and white.
  • Head is very long and comparatively narrow.
  • Adult ox weights about 500-600 kg and cow 800-900 kg.
  • Body of holstein friesian cow become very nourished.
  • Their back side become very heavy.
  • Back side legs are straight.
  • Cow produce calf for the first time at the age of 2.5 years.
  • Produce calf every year.
  • Cow produce about 40 kg milk daily and 4500-9000 kg annually.
  • The calf weights about 30-40 kg when they born.
  • Milk of holstein friesian contain 3.5 % fat.


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