Red Sindhi Cow

Red sindhi cow breed originated from Pakistan. Karachi, Lasbela and Hyderabad are the ancient living place of this cow. The color of this breed is red and so that they are known as Red Sindhi. This cow breed can be found in Pakistan, India, UK, Canada, Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Africa and some other country. The characteristics of this breed are described below.
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  • Color of their body is deep red.
  • Their umbilicus is very big and hanging.
  • Forehead become very wide.
  • Ears are hanging to down.
  • Their head is comparatively smaller than their body.
  • Udder is very big sized and well arranged.
  • They have curved horns.
  • A red sindhi cow gives about 10 kg milk daily.
  • Cow produce calf at the age of 3 years for first time.
  • Red sindhi bulls become very strong and hardy.
  • Adult bull weights about 350-400 kg and cow 400-500 kg.
  • The annual milk production of this cow is 3500 kg.
  • When the calf born they weights about 22-25 kg.
  • 5% fat in the milk of red sindhi cow.


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