Mirandesa Cattle Characteristics, Origin & Uses

The Mirandesa cattle are a draft cattle breed which are also used for meat production. They are native breed of Portugal and mainly found in central and northeastern Portugal and southeastern Orense in Spain. The breed has the protected geographical status of DOC from the European Commission.

Mirandesa cattle were a very hardy and popular draft breed and even used to pull fishing boats from water in the late 1970s. But today the breed is mainly raised in the natural pastures of Northeast Transmontano for producing breef.

Beef of the Mirandesa cattle is highly valued in Portugal because of it’s great taste and texture. The breed is also known by some other names such as Frieiresa (in Spanish) and Ratinha. Review some more information about the breed below.

Mirandesa Cattle Characteristics

Mirandesa cattle are medium sized animals with light to dark brown color. There are a curly fringe of hair on the head of the animals. Both bulls and cows usually have horns. Their horns are large which grow outward and bend down and then forward. Ears of these animals are lined with long and abundant red hair. Average height of the cows is about 133 cm at the wither, and about 143 cm for the bulls. Average body weight of the bulls is around 900 kg. And average live body weight of the cows is around 550 kg.


The Mirandesa cattle were previously used as as a draft breed. But currently they are being used mainly for meat production.

Special Notes

Mirandesa cattle are strong animals and they are well adapted to limited rough forage and tough environment. They are very lively but docile in temperament. The cows have remarkable maternal instincts which ensure the safety of calves from predators. The breed is also well known for their longevity. However, review full breed profile of the Mirandesa cattle in the chart below.

Mirandesa Cattle | Breed Profile

Breed Name Mirandesa
Other Name Frieiresa (in Spanish) and Ratinha
Breed Purpose Mainly meat also draught
Special Notes Strong, hardy, well adapted to harsh climates
Breed Size Medium
Weight Bulls Around 900 kg
Cows Around 550 kg
Climate Tolerance All Climates
Coat Color Light to dark brown
Horned Yes
Milk Yield Average
Rarity Common
Country/Place of Origin Portugal

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