Goat Pox

Goat pox is a very fatal contagious disease. A virus named goat pox of poxviridae species and capripox genus causes this disease. This disease affect much to the goat.

Goat pox first introduced in India at 1936. Germ of this disease spreads through air, food and used equipments of infected goat.


  • Body temperature increases than usual.
  • Pox vesicle can be seen in the eyes, nose, ears and skin of goat.
  • This vesicle turned to red color later.
  • Vesicle may turned to sore.
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  • Water flows from the nose and sore can be seen in the nose.
  • Eyelids get swelling.
  • The upper part of the skin get removed and creates strong scab.
  • Lymph node get swelling.

Prevention Methods & Treatment

Vaccinate the healthy animal regularly in proper time. The animal should be raised hygienically. Control the germ spreading media. Cold is the main enemy of goat. Especially keep them free from rain.

Vaccinate and apply worm preventive medicine to them according to the advice of a veterinarian. Always serve them fresh and clean water and feed.

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