Rearing Cow For Beginners

Rearing cow is not a new business idea. It is very difficult to maintain a family by one person nowadays. So many people are thinking about to do something extra. But no opportunities is available, if  yes they can not decide what they should do.

Rearing cow can be a great source of income for them. It mostly depend on cost of a cow or price of cow. To buy cow for farming purpose you should keep in mind some essential thing . For example, & for rearing purpose the suitable age of bull is between 12-15 month.

Tips For Rearing Cow

  • The skin of the bull must have to be lose and thin.
  • The cow which is low weight due to insufficient food can be buy in low price.
  • It should keep in mind that the pregnant cow should not provide hay mixed with nitrogen.
  • Selected bull have to make perfect by some treatment before giving nitrogen mixed hay. If the bull has any wound place it have to clean with savlon or detol so that no insects can harm the cow.
  • Treatment should give until properly cure.
  • After curing you have to ensure that there are no insects like lice, mosquito etc.
  • The bull should washed out with water mixed with 2.5 tea spoon of nu sidle per 10 kg.
Rearing Cow
  • You have to be careful so that the water mix can’t harm it’s ear, eye and nose.
  • Wait for 20-25 minutes after applying the medicine to the cows.
  • After that its body should be clean well by soap and sufficient water.
  • After giving medicine wait for three days and then give it food mixed with nitrogen.
  • Nutritious feed should given. We can make the feed home. We can make a mixed food with broken rich, wheat, broken pulse etc. as well as other for mixed with nitrogen.
  • The process of nitrogen mixed feed is 10 kg hay with 10 kg water and 500 g of nitrogen. It should be served in a plastic or concrete box. The bull should served 50-60 g of nitrogen daily.
  • You can find more cow info in your nearest livestock institution.

Green grass can served as much as possible. Fresh and clean water have to served according to their demand. If the farmer maintain this rule and information then he can be success.

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