Yurino Cattle Characteristics, Origin & Uses Info

The Yurino cattle are a dual purpose breed of domestic cattle from Ukraine. It is also known as Ukrainian: Юpінcькa, Yurinska.

The breed was formed under the influence for almost a century of the Tyrolean and later the Swiss Brown on the local Chuvash-Mari cattle.

After the 1917 revolution, the planned breeding work of improving the Yurino cattle started. Read more information about the Yurino cattle below.

Yurino Cattle Characteristics

Yurino cattle are medium sized animal. They are brown or red in color with various shades. Their skin is loose, elastic with soft hair cover. White markings are occasionally observed on the lower barrel and on the legs.

They have light but compact head and small horns. They have large dewlap and their neck is wide and level.

Udder of the Yurino cattle is medium in size with equally developed quarters and well developed widely spread teats. Average live body weight of the cows is about 480-500 kg, although some cows reach about 700 kg.

And the bulls on average weight about 650-700 kg, some bulls can weight about 900 kg or more.


The Yurinos dual purpose animal. They are suitable for both meat and milk production.

Special Notes

The Yurino cattle are very hardy and active animals. They are strong and resistant to diseases. The cows are good milk producers. And on average they can produce about 5000-6000 kg of milk per lactation.

Their milk contain about 3.8-4.2 percent butterfat content. Review full breed profile of this cattle breed in the table below.

Breed NameYurino
Other NameUkrainian: Юpінcькa, Yurinska
Breed PurposeMeat, Milk
Special NotesActive, Hardy
Breed SizeMedium to Heavy
BullsAbout 650-700 kg
CowsAbout 480-500 kg
Climate ToleranceAll Climates
Coat ColorRed or Brown with various shades
Milk YieldMedium
Country/Place of OriginUkraine

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