Brangus Cattle

The Brangus is a breed of beef cattle raised primarily for meat production. It is a very popular and hardy breed of cattle which is a result of cross between Brahman and Angus cattle.

A pure Brangus which is eligible for registration is 3/8 Brahman and 5/8 Angus. The effort to develop the Brangus cattle breed began as early as 1912. And the first organization of the Brangus breeders was chartered in 1949.

The breed was actually developed for utilizing the superior traits of Brahman and Angus cattle. They were also bred to combine the excellent beef quality of Angus with something a little hardier like the Brahman cattle.

The result was the current Brangus cattle which are resistant to diseases, very hardy, have outstanding maternal instincts, very fertile and are well known for their superior carcass qualities.

Currently the breed is available in many countries and raised mainly for the production of meat. Read some more information about the breed below.

Brangus Cattle Characteristics

Brangus cattle are medium sized animals with a sleek coat and pigmented skin. They are usually completely black or red in color. They are naturally polled, that means both bulls and cows have no horns.

They have medium to large ears, and their skin is loose with neck folds. The bulls have a moderate hump and the rump is slightly rounded.

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The mature Brangus bulls can weight up to 900 kg. And average live body weight of the mature cows is about 500 kg. Photo and info from Wikipedia.


The Brangus cattle breed was developed for the superior traits of the Brahman and Angus cattle. They are known for their superior carcass qualities, and mainly raised as a beef cattle breed for meat production.

Special Notes

The Brangus cattle are known for their hardiness, disease resistance power, superior carcass qualities and outstanding maternal instincts. They are very hardy and can thrive in almost all climates.

They can thrive well in the areas with high temperature and humidity. And can also avoid any issues such as dehydration or over-heating. They are also suitable for colder climates, and their coat provides enough warmth for surviving.

They are excellent foragers and can even produce beef efficiently on pastures that are not very lush. Their healthy traits help them to resist common bovine diseases, and common problems in cattle like bloat or ticks are rare in the Brangus cattle.

The cows are very fertile and have very strong maternal instincts and they can protect their calves against predators very well. The cows are pretty good milkers and produce enough milk for their calves.

Both bulls and cows usually have pleasant temperament and they are easily managed. Although the Brangus cattle grow slightly slower than most other beef cattle breeds, but they produce superior quality meat and known for their carcass quality.

They produce lean meat with almost no excess fat, and their meat has great marbling quality. The meat also has high levels of tenderness, scoring about 97% in the study compared with the pure Angus score of only 94%.

Currently the breed is found in Africa, Argentina, Australia, Canada, Mexico, South Rhodesia and all over the United States. However, review full breed profile of the Brangus cattle in the chart below.

Breed NameBrangus
Other NameBrangus
Breed PurposeMeat
Special NotesStrong, very hardy, well adapted to almost all climates, good for meat, produce enough milk for the calves, excellent meat quality, good carcass quality, grow relatively faster
Breed SizeMedium
BullsAround 900 kg
CowsAround 500 kg
Climate ToleranceAll climates
Coat ColorCompletely black or red
Milk YieldGood
Country/Place of OriginUnited States

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