How To Start Goat Farming Business?

How to start goat farming business? It’s a very common question people ask, especially the beginners. If you also have the same question ‘how to start goat farming business’, then you are in the right place. Here we are trying to describe more information about the steps for starting a goat farm.

Before starting goat farming business learn as much as possible about how to start goat farming business. This will help you to learn more about goats and their rearing methods. Goat farming is really very profitable business. And it is very easy and enjoyable than other livestock.

How To Start Goat Farming Business

Follow the step by step guide mentioned below for starting and operating a successful goat farming business. Here we are describing about the important process of goat production and step by step guide about how to start goat farming business.

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Step 1: Learn Practically

First of all, try to learn practically about goat farming business. Having practical knowledge is very important in this business. So, try to learn more about this business practically from any of your nearest breeders or existing farmers.

Step 2: Complete Training

Completing goat farming training is also very important. Because you will be able to learn more about this business if you complete a training facility. You can learn many things practically about this business if you complete a training.

Goat farming is a very common and popular business in many countries around the world. Many government and non-government organizations available from where you can complete the training. Many agricultural colleges and universities also provide training facilities for the interested people.

You will be able do some basic and essential goat caring tasks like goat diseases, performing goat health check, breeds of each variety of goats, required space in their house, feeding, health management, caring kids, caring pregnant goats etc. In accordance with training, try to read a lots of books on goat rearing.

Step 3: Make A Business Plan

Making a good and effective goat farming business plan is very important. Because a good and effective goat farming business plan helps to start and operate a goat farming business successfully.

So, try to make a good and effective goat farming business plan and try to work according to the plan. You can ask for help from an expert for making the business plan, especially if you are a beginner.

Step 4: Select A Good Location

Selecting a good location is very important for starting your goat farming business. Try to select a very good location for your farm. Consider following aspects while selecting location for your goat farm.

  • Ensure the land is large enough depending upon the number of your goats.
  • Plan to install sturdy fencing around your farm area to keep your goats secure.
  • Ensure adequate access to clean water, because constant supply of water is essential for goats.
  • Look for land with good pasture or browse availability.
  • Ensure good housing and shelters or structures on the land to protect your goats from extreme weather conditions.
  • Consider the climate and environmental conditions of the area.
  • Check local zoning laws and regulations to ensure the land is zoned for agricultural use.
  • Soil quality also matters for growing supplemental feed if needed. Conduct soil tests to determine fertility and suitability for pasture management.
  • Consider the accessibility of the land for transportation of feed, equipment, and other supplies, as well as for potential customers if you plan to sell goat products directly from the farm.
  • Ensure there are no potential conflicts with neighbors regarding noise, odors, or other aspects of goat farming. So, it will be better if you choose the location far from residential areas.
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Step 5: Purchase Required Equipment

You need some equipment for your goats, like water pot, feeding basket, medicines etc. Before bringing your goat to your farm make all necessary equipment ready.

The necessary things for starting goat farming business are money, goats, fencing, housing, separate barn for both does and bucks, silage pit, bet, suitable market and possible customers.

However, like many other livestock farming business, commercial goat farming also require purchasing some equipment or tools. Here we are listing the most common equipment required for raising goats:

  • Shelters
  • Fencing materials
  • Feeding equipment
  • Waterers
  • Milking equipment (if applicable)
  • Healthcare supplies
  • Handling equipment
  • Breeding supplies (if applicable)
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Transportation equipment
  • Record-keeping tools
  • Electricity generator or backup power source
  • Storage facilities
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Scale
  • Some other tools and supplies

Step 6: Select Suitable Breeds

Before starting goat farming business, decide which goat products do you want to produce. You can produce meat, milk, fiber or skin from goats. Consider your local market, where you can sell your products easily. Then select perfect breed for your business.

Step 7: Make a House

Goats hardly stay inside the house. But you must have to build a house for keeping them safe and free from predators. A house also give them shelter in winter season and rainy days. Goats can adopt themselves with almost all types of environment. If you want to keep them in a small pole bran, they will happily stay there.

You can also keep them with your other livestock animals. But keep in mind that, for commercial production special house is a must with all modern facilities available. Try to make a south facing house for your goats. Goat can’t tolerate heavy cold and rain water. Never let the snow and rain water enter inside the house.

A draft free building will help to keep your goat warm enormously. Make sure there are sufficient flow of fresh air and sunlight inside the house. Make proper drainage facility inside the house, so that you can clean the house easily.

Step 8: Make a Pasture

It would be better if you can make a pasture for your goats. It will decrease your farms food cost and keep your goats healthy.You can easily make a pasture by fencing you land with wire or net. Before making pasture meet with a producer who has a great knowledge in this business and making pasture before.

Step 9: Buy A Buck And Some Does

Always try to buy good quality, diseases free and healthy goats. High production is directly related to high quality and diseases free healthy goats. If possible, take help from an experienced producer for purchasing goats. Buy one buck and several does.

start goat farming business, how to start goat farming business, guide for starting goat farming business

Step 10: Breed Your Does

Always be very careful about the care and management of your does. During their mating period when they go into heat, keep them in a buck’s room for some days. Keep them with buck until their mating. On an average the gestation period of a doe is between 145 to 155 days.

Step 11: Take Care of Bucks

Take some extra care of the bucks which will be used for breeding purposes. Provide them high quality food enriched with all types of nutrition ingredients.

Step 12: Provide Fresh Food

Always give your goats fresh and healthy food. Providing fresh food not only increase your production but also keep the goats healthy, productive and diseases free. Also serve them sufficient fresh and clean water regularly.

Step 13: Vaccinate Them Timely

Vaccinate your goats timely to keep them free from diseases or health problems. Doing this is very important for keeping your goats strong, healthy and active.

Step 14: Marketing

Marketing is the most important part of a successful goat farming business. Because, you will not be able to make good profits if you can’t market your products easily in the market. So, determine your marketing strategies before starting this business.

Step 15: Calculation

Calculate your total income by selling the products and total expenditure of your farm. In first year your total income may be less than or equal to your total expenditure. After that you will definitely get high production and profit from your business.

Some Essential Tips And Cautions For Starting Goat Farming Business

  1. To become successful in goat farming business always try to keep your goats hygienically. Always feed them fresh and nutritious goat food.
  2. Because certain feeds can affect the taste of milk and meat of goat. Always try to keep your goats inside the fence. And check occasionally if there any holes in the fence.
  3. If you find any hole, repair it quickly. Because goat kids can go out from those small hole. Always keep the goat house clean and dry. Also clean the places where you milk your goat.
  4. Keep good relationships with other goat producers and veterinarian doctor. Always take extra care of your buck. Never use one buck for breeding all your does.
  5. If you follow all this steps about “how to start goat farming business” then you will defiantly get highest production for your business.
start goat farming business, how to start goat farming business, guide for starting goat farming business

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

People ask many questions about how to start goat farming business. Here we are trying to list the most common questions about how to start goat farming business, and trying to answer them. Hope you will find your answer. Don’t hesitate to ask us if you have more questions.

How many goats do you need to start a farm?

Depends on your budget and many other factors. You can start with as less as 2 goats or as many as hundreds or even thousands of goats.

How much do goat farmers earn?

Depends on numerous factors, and it’s not possible to tell the exact amount. Please consult with some existing farmers in your area for having some ideas.

Is goat farming profitable?

Yes, goat farming is a very profitable business. Goats require less caring, and feeding costs are also less. So, it’s possible to make good profits from commercial goat farming business.

How difficult is goat farming?

Goat farming is not much difficult. It’s just like starting a farm with any other animals.

How much does it cost to start goat farming?

Depends on numerous factors. So, it’s not possible to tell the exact amount. Please consult with some existing farmers within your area for having some ideas.

Which breed of goat is most profitable?

It’s actually depends on your production purpose. If you go for meat production, then Boer, Black Bengal, Kalahari Red, Kiko, Fainting, Nubian, Rangeland, Sirohi, Spanish and Verata goats will be very good for you.

But if you go for milk production, then Alpine, Saanen, LaMancha, Jamunapari, Toggenburg, Nubian, Oberhasli, Golden Guernsey, Sable and Nigerian Dwarf goats will be good for you!

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  1. Good day sir. Please l want to go into goat farming for meat but I don’t have the experience.. I have bought one plot of land for it and have fenced it already.. please guide me.

  2. Great eye opening information thanks, are there pdfs?
    In kilifi County Kenya where can I get good Does & bucks for a start

  3. Clement Sunday

    I want to start a goat farming business,I haven’t a Peace of land fenced already but I don’t have experience. Am in Ose local gvt in ondo state. Please help me out

  4. I want to go into goat breeding on a commercial bases for meat and milk which species do u advice & where can I get them from I ve the land already & I want to do it around KOGI State does it require adaptability for a particular species
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