Alpine Goat

Alpine goat breed originated form French Alps and one of the most popular domestic dairy goat breed. They are very popular and famous for their highly milk production capability.

They produce fresh milk which is very helpful for health. The milk of Alpine goat contain vitamin A, B, C, D, E and K highly and butter, cheese, ice cream, soap and many other dairy product can be made by this milk.

For this reason most of the farmer raise some Alpine goats to meet up the demand of milk for their family consumption.

This breed is mostly used for commercial milk production. Most Alpine goats are of medium to large sized animal.

They are very graceful and they are the only goat breed which has upright (medium or short) ears. They become very hardy and can adopt themselves with almost all climate and weather.

Their face become straight with a roman nose and are of white, black, brown and various mixed colored.

Nowadays many countries of the world like India, Malaysia, Philippine, West Indies are raising this milk goat commercially. A female Alpine goat gives about 4-5 liters of milk daily on an average.

Various Types of Alpine Goat

There are many types of Alpine goats available which are described here shortly.

American Alpine Goats

American Alpine goats are the result of crossbreeding of American Alpines with French Alpines. American Alpines are the largest goat breeds of America.

They are strong, hardy, friendly and productive more than the original French Alpines and very suitable for both home and commercial farming.

British Alpine Goats

British Alpine goats are of black and white colored like Toggs. They came from the Grison goat breed of Switzerland. They are very popular breed for both show and milk production.

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French Alpine Goats

French is the original origination of all Alpine goats. Nowadays in French they are also known as “Alpine Polychrome” which means multiple colors.

Like other Alpine goat breeds French Alpines are also very hardy, productive and suitable for both home and commercial goat farming business.

Rock Alpines Goats

Rock Alpine goats are result of crossbreeding of goats of 1904 with 1922 importations. A Californian people named Mary E. Rock crossbreed and introduces this goat breeds.

Since then this breed is known as Rock Alpines. This goat was the most milk productive goat at that time and now also.

Swiss Alpine Goats

Swiss Alpine goats came from the Brienzer region of Switzerland. They are also known as Oberhasli. The color of their coat is warm red-brown and face, back, belly, muzzle and trimming are of black colored.

They are also very strong, hardy and mostly popular for their milk and meat production.

Special Care For Raising Alpine Goats

Raising Alpine goats are very easy and pleasuring. They are very suitable for both home and commercial raising.

To get better production and keep the goats healthy you need to take care of your goat very carefully.

Some special care and management for Alpine goats are described shortly below.

  • It is very important to take care for the young goats because it is the most important time of their life. Ensure sufficient food and milk in this period.
  • Feed the goats twice a day, morning and evening.
  • Alfalfa hay, treats of corn, pellets, various types of green grasses etc. are good food of Alpine goats.
  • Keep water bowl in-front of goats fully filled with fresh and clean water, as they drink a lot of water daily.
  • Milk the goat timely. Twice a day, morning and in the evening. Try to milk them before starting eating food.
  • Keep a grazing place for them.
  • Make a suitable and comfortable goat house for them which will keep them safe and free from various types of predators.
  • If they caught by diseases then contact a doctor as soon as possible.

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