Rangeland Goat

The Rangeland goat is a very popular meat goat breed which was originated from Australia. These animals are very tall, wide and they have short hair.

They are very hardy and strong animals and can easily adapt themselves with almost any climates. They can reproduce and live happily in dry areas also. They generally require less care and do very well in hot weather.

The Rangeland goats are very important in their native area, Australia. They actually account for approximately 90 percent of total goat meat production in Australia. However, read some more information about this meat goat breed below.

Rangeland Goat Characteristics

The Rangeland goats are very beautiful animals. They are tall and wide animals, and have short hair. They have medium sized hanging ears.

Their horns are relatively smaller in size in both bucks and does. They can appear in black, brown, white or a combination of different colors.

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The Rangeland goats are excellent browsers, and they actually do very well if allowed to browse freely. Generally they will source what they need from the available resources.

But if you raise them in confined conditions, it is important that dietary changes should be introduced gradually and the diet should include fiber or roughage component.

You also need to ensure enough facilities so that your goats can access to sufficient supply of clean and fresh water all the time.

Actually, the amount of water consumed by the goats can vary depending on the physiological state of the goat, the type of feed and also on the weather conditions. So ensure availability of enough water.


The Rangeland goats are excellent breeders. They maintain high fertility in dry conditions also. The breed is often crossbreed with other goat breeds, such as the Boer goat. They exhibit hybrid vigor when crossed with other goat breeds.


The Rangeland goats are extremely hardy and strong animals. They can survive well in almost all environment, especially do very well in hot environments. They are able to thrive well in low rainfall zones.


The Rangeland is a meat goat breed, and it is mainly raised for meat production purpose.

The Rangeland goats are easily cared animals, and they require less maintenance. They generally do not require shearing, crutching or mulesing. Improvements in the management of Rangeland goats have led to increased returns for producers through increased supply and improvements in quality, carcase weights and consistency. They are among the best meat goat breeds and very suitable for commercial goat farming business also.

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