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A suitable goat housing system or shelter is very important for successful goat farming business. Because just like other domestic animals, goats also need house/shelter for staying at night. It is also required for security and preventing the goats from adverse climate, cold, predators, sunlight etc.

Some people used to keep their goats with other domestic animals such as cow, sheep etc. It is alright in small scale production, but for commercial production, a good house is a mandatory with all required facilities.

A good house not only provides the goats shelter and security, but also help them to stay healthy and free from some common diseases.

Why is Providing Proper Housing System Important for Goats?

Providing the goats with proper housing system is very important. A good housing system helps to keep the goats comfortable in all kinds of weather conditions. It provides them safety from predators. It also provides the goats comfort and helps to keep them healthy. And in a good housing system, it will be much easier for you to take care of the goats. You will be able to feed them, clean their space, and check their health more easily.

What are the Factors That Affect Goat Health and Productivity in Relation to Their Housing?

The factors that affect goat health and their productivity in relation to their house include size, cleanliness, air quality, safety, and social environment of their housing system.

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Goat Behavior and Housing Needs

Understanding goat behavior is very important to know their housing needs. Goats are social animals that like to live in groups. So it is very important to provide enough space in their housing system for them to roam freely and interact with each other.

They also need shelter from extreme weather conditions like rain, wind, and heat. Ensuring proper ventilation in their housing is also essential to keep the air fresh and prevent respiratory problems.

Goats like to climb and play, so try to add things like logs or platforms. And doing this will help to make their living space more enjoyable.

Types of Goat House

Goat houses are of many different types, and you can make your goat house by using various designs. And specific goat housing design is suitable for specific production purpose. Here we are trying to discuss about some common types.

1. Goat Housing Over Ground

Generally this type of houses are made over the ground. This is the most common house for goats. You can make the floor of this type of goat house with brick and cement or simply with soil.

It will be better, if you can spread some dry straw over the floor in this housing system. But you must have to keep the house dry and clean always.

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2. Goat Housing Over Pole

This type of houses are made over pole. The floor of the house heights about 1 to 1.5 meters (3.5 to 5 ft) from the ground. This type of house keeps the goat free from damping condition, flood water etc.

The poles and floor in this housing system are usually made with bamboo or wood. This types of house is very suitable for goat farming, because it is very easy to clean.

And you can easily clean the closet and urine of goat form the house. Diseases are also less in this housing system.

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3. Concrete House

This types of goat houses are fully made with concrete, and slightly expensive. But concrete houses have many advantages. It is very easy to clean the house, and easy to always keep your goats safe from all types of predators.

You can construct the house over ground or over concrete poles. Both types are easily maintained. Diseases are less in this housing system. But it is very expensive method of goat housing.

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Space Requirements for Goats

In accordance with increasing the body size and weight of goats, they require more space. A house of 1.8 meter *1.8 meter* 2.5 meter (5.5 ft * 5.5 ft * 8.5 ft) is suitable enough for housing 10 small goats.

Every adult goat needs about 0.75 meter * 4.5 meter * 4.8 meter housing space. Every billy goat needs 2.4 meter * 1.8 meter housing space. It will be better, if you can keep the nursing and pregnant goats separately.

You can extend or decrease the area of goat house according to the number of goat in your farm. But keep in mind that, every goat needs their required space for proper growing and better production.

GoatRequired Space (Squire Meter)
Baby Goat0.3
Adult Goat1.5
Pregnant Goat1.9
Billy Goat2.8

While building house for your goats, always emphasis on the comfort of your goats. Ensure that, your goats are living happily inside their house, and the house is suitable enough to keep them free from adverse weather and all types of predators.

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Essential Features of Goat Housing

Some features are very important for keeping the goats healthy and comfortable. And these essential features in goat housing helps to maintain their well-being and productivity by creating a safe, comfortable, and healthy living environment. Here are some key aspects to consider:

  • Adequate Space
  • Bedding
  • Feeding Areas
  • Water Supply
  • Ventilation
  • Natural Light
  • Security

Keep Enough Space for Exercise

Providing enough exercise space for goats in their housing is very important for their health and happiness. As you know, goats are active animals and need room to move and play.

An exercise space can be a fenced outdoor area attached to their shelter or a designated indoor play area. If you provide your goats with such an area, then they will be able to engage in their natural behaviors like running, jumping, and climbing, which keeps them physically fit and mentally stimulated. It will also help them to prevent health issues such as obesity and muscle stiffness.

You can include structures like logs, rocks, or platforms in their exercise area. Doing so will encourages them to climb and explore, making it even more enjoyable for them. Also ensure the exercise space is safe, secure, and free from hazards to prevent injuries.

Seasonal Considerations

Goat’s housing requirements can vary depending on the season. And seasonal changes require special caring in goat housing to keep the goats comfortable and healthy.

Ensure the goats have plenty of shade and water to stay cool and avoid overheating during summer. They need protection from the cold in winter and try to provide them with dry materials to keep them warm (such as straw will help to keep their body heat).

Ensure the housing is leak-proof in rainy season to keep the goats dry. The area around the housing should also have proper drainage to prevent mud and puddles.

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Goat Housing Tips

Before building house for goats, read the following tips very carefully.

  1. Try to select a dry and higher place for making the goat house. Ensure that, the selected goat housing area is high enough to keep the goats safe from floods.
  2. You must have to keep the floor of the house dry always.
  3. Always ensure huge follow of light and air inside the house.
  4. Make house in such a way so that it become very suitable for controlling temperature and moisture.
  5. Always keep the house free from being damped. Because damping condition is responsible for various diseases.
  6. Never let the rain water enter inside the house.
  7. Try to make the wall of the house with concrete or by using bamboo poles.
  8. The house must have to be strong and comfortable enough for the goats.
  9. Keep enough space inside the house for taking rest.
  10. The house must have to have the facilities of cleaning well regularly.
  11. Goats are feared about cold and water. So take extra care in rainy and winter season. Otherwise they may caught by Pneumonia.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

People ask many questions about goat housing or shelter. Here we are trying to list the most common questions about goat housing system, and trying to answer them. Hope you will find your answer. Don’t hesitate to ask us if you have more questions.

Do goats like to sleep off the ground?

Yes, most of the goats will enjoy being up even a few inches off the ground.

Do goats need an insulated shelter?

Most of the goats should have a fully enclosed shelter. Providing them with warm bedding is also important, especially during the cold nights.

What can I use as a goat shelter?

You should use a separate shelter for your goats. Although, you can use low cost and easily available ingredients for making the shelter.

How do I protect my goats from coyotes?

Making a good housing for your goats and making a fence around it will keep your goats from coyotes and other harmful predators.

How tall should a goat shelter be?

Generally, a goat shelter should be at least 8 feet high from the ground.

Ho much sleeping space do goats need?

Around 10 square feet sleeping space will be enough for most of the goats. Although, it can vary depending on the breeds you have.

What is the best bedding for goats?

Pine shavings is considered as the best bedding for goats.

Do goats need to be inside in the winter?

Yes, the goats need to be inside during the winter night. Providing them with warm bedding is also important during those nights.

How do goats stay warm at night?

Provide them warm bedding during warm nights. You can provide straw, hay, pine shavings, pallets etc.

How do you make a easy goat shelter?

You can make a goat shelter easily by using the easily available materials around you.

How do you keep a goats house clean?

First of all clean the whole area by sweeping. Then spray the whole area with bleach. Doing this will clean the house and also sanitize the zone.

Do goats need shelter from rain?

Yes, they need shelter from rain. Goats actually hate rains.

Do goats need a heated barn in winter?

Goats do not need to be in a heated barn. Just keep warm bedding materials inside their house during warm nights. You can provide straw, hay, pine shavings, pallets etc. Doing this will protect your goats from cold?

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