Goat Farming In South Africa

Livestock rearing like goat farming in South Africa is one of the largest agricultural sector in this country.

Along with goat farming there are large population of cattle (about 13.8 million) and sheep (about 28.8 million). Goats are farmed together with sheep and cattle throughout South Africa.

Especially in some regions where bush encroachment are rife. Goats are making a valuable contribution to the livestock farming business in South Africa.

In some rural areas of South Africa where the people are economically deprived, goat farming is considered as a source of ready cash-income, social security and food.

Benefits of Starting Goat Farming

Why you should start goat farming? What are the benefits of goat farming? Yes, there are several benefits of starting goat farming.

goat farming in south africa

Here we are trying to shortly describe the top benefits of starting goat farming business as a source of income in South Africa.

  • Highly productive goat breeds are available throughout the country.
  • Farmers/producers can easily raise goats with their other livestock and domestic animal like cattle and sheep.
  • As goats are multipurpose animal, so you can use them for milk, meat, fiber or skin production.
  • Minimum care and management cost compared to other animal.
  • Very suitable for raising with other animals.


The famous meat goat breed “Boer” originated from South Africa. It is a native South African breed. It is a very popular and highly meat productive meat goat throughout the country and whole world.

In some dry North West regions of South Africa, extensive ranching of goats is done together with Persian, Droper and Karakul sheep. Angora goat is also an important goat breed in Eastern Karoo.

Farming Angora goats spread in the temperate regions and to the Lesotho highlands. Milch goat farming is not popular enough.

However, given the high occurrence of cow milk allergy, there are considerable opportunities for goat farming business to expand in South Africa.

5 thoughts on “Goat Farming In South Africa”

  1. I’m buying land at the end of this month to persue a Boer Goat Farming business. My biggest challenge will be finding a market.
    Your assistance will be appreciated.

    1. Targeting local market will be very good for you. But if marketing in local market is not possible, then you can target any of your nearest town. Also contact with the existing goat farmers in your area, and ask them how they are selling their products. Good Luck!

  2. We are farmers interested in rearing cattles and goats for milk and beef.
    Can we get enough quantity from your farm?.
    We are based in Nigeria
    .kind Regards
    Ladi Abolaji

  3. Zakhele Joh Mabika

    We have just purchased a small Holding Farm in Camperdown approximately 60 Hectors of land with a view of breeding some Goats to sell to the Local Market

    1. Our first Challenge we do not have a Mentor around us who can guide us up on the Goats Farm Setting Method and sustainability of the Goat form in a long Run .
    2. We would like to be refered to credible good Agri , Training Business who understand Goat Farming as a Business
    3. Lastly there was once a roumor that the Govt can give support in terms of the initial Stork to the Emerging Stock Farmers who will Breed those Capital Stock and return the same number of the initial Sponsored Goats ? Can you please investigate the excast requirements for that Programe ?
    4. Is there a farmer who is willing to assist us any way or form

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