Nubian Goat

The Nubian goat (also known as Anglo Nubian Goat, Lop-eared goat, Rabbit goat, Greyhound goat, Long-eared goat and simply as Nubian) is one of the most popular goat breeds.

It is a British goat breed and it was developed in the nineteenth century through cross-breeding between native British goats and a mixed population of large lop-eared goats. Those large lop-eared goats were imported from India, the Middle East and North Africa.

Today, the Nubian goat is available throughout the world. It is very good for both milk and meat production, and raised as a dual-purpose animal.

These animals are known for the high butterfat content in their milk, average 4.6 percent or more. Their large size also makes them good for meat production purpose. However, read some more information about this breed below.

Nubian Goat Characteristics

Generally, the Nubian Goats are large in size and they are very beautiful in appearance. They appear in black, brown, white or the coloration can be mixed.

Their ears are long, pendulous and are hanged close to the head. They have very round nose (Roman Nose), and their legs are long.

The hair of the Nubian goat is short, fine and glossy. Udder of the does is of big sized. Average live body weight of the mature does is around 61 kg. And the mature bucks can reach around 80 kg live body weight.

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The Nubian goats are excellent browsers. Having a pasture will be very good for them. They prefer hay, and providing high quality hay (alfalfa or clover) will be good for them. Supplementary feeds will be good for them for increasing both meat and milk production.

You also need to supplement their diet with minerals and vitamins. You can either use loose mineral or mineral blocks for them.

As the Nubian goats are larger in size, they require lots of water daily. So, provide your animals with as much clean and fresh water as they want.


Nubian goats are good breeders. They have a longer breeding season than other dairy goat breeds, and actually can breed throughout the year.


The Nubian goats are very strong and hardy animals. They can live in very hot climates, and also are able to deal with temperatures as low as 0 °F.


Nubian goats are dual-purpose animals. And they are raised for both milk and meat production. Their large size makes them ideal for meat production. And the higher butterfat content in their milk makes them an ideal dairy goat breed.

The Nubian goats are very lovely and intelligent animals. They are just like infants, they become very calm and quiet while providing something to eat or drink. They can be noisy sometimes, and they actually make noise for expressing their demands and emotions. Nubian goats are also very good for raising as pets.

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