Meat Goat Farming Business

Meat goat farming business is not a new idea for generating income. It has been existent as a profitable business concept from quite a long time ago.

Meat goats are being raising since the time when human being found out them as a great source of food, milk and clothing.

Nowadays goat meat has a great demand throughout the world. Because it is very tasty, easily digestible and there are no religious taboo for consuming goat meat.

But the total goat meat production is not sufficient according to the demand. As a result, there is a great opportunity of meat goat farming business.

Goat meat has a huge number of consumers throughout the world. So, you don’t have to worry about marketing your products.

How to Start Meat Goat Farming Business

If you are thinking about starting a meat goat farming business, then you should follow the steps described below.

Here we are trying to describe more about the steps of starting a good and profitable meat goat farming business.

Select Suitable Farm Location

Goats are very hardy and they can adopt themselves with almost all types of environment (except heavy rain and excessive cold).

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So, your can start meat goat farming business from any geographical location. But keep in mind some factors before starting, like marketing facilities, availability of necessary things, availability of medicines and veterinary doctor and some other natural facilities.

Suppose, you have established a goat farm in such a place where all types of facilities are available and your goats are producing highly.

But there are no suitable market in your nearest area where you can sell your products in suitable price. Then what will you do with your high production.

So, before starting commercial profitable meat goat farming business, make sure all types of facilities are available in your area.

Never set up a farm where proper transportation system is not available. Because, transportation methods directly or indirectly affects your business. Also consider the facilities of your local government.

Choose Suitable Meat Goat Breeds

Choose the suitable breeds for your business according to your geographical location, suitable market and available natural facilities.

For the first time you can keep numerous breeds. Next time keep those which produce highly in your area and which are easily marketable.

Here, I have described about some highly productive meat goat breeds.

  • Anglo Nubian: Anglo Nubian is a very suitable goat breed for both meat and milk production. You can raise them for commercial production of meat and milk.
  • Boer: Boer is a very popular meat goat breed throughout the world. They are famous for their highly meat production. An adult Boer buck weights around 110 kg to 115 kg and doe around 90 kg to 100 kg.
  • Beetal: Beetal goat originated from India and very popular in some Asian countries like India and Pakistan. An adult buck weights about 65 kg and doe 45 kg.
  • Black Bengal: Black bengal is a Bangladeshi goat breed. Very hardy and suitable for farming in any location. Their meat is very tasty and has a huge demand in international market. They can also adopt themselves with all types of environment. An adult buck can produce about 12-15 kg consumable meat. Does produce kids twice a year with more than 1-2 kids each time.
  • Kashmiri: Kashmiri is an Indian meat goat breed. They can tolerate hot weather. They are very hardy and suitable for commercial meat production.
  • Matou: Matou is a Chinese meat productive goat breed. They are raised only for their high meat production.


Make a pasture for your goats to get highest production from them. By making a pasture for them you can reduce your supplementary food cost, keep them healthy and maximize your revenue from meat goat farming business. Pasture and grazing place also helps to keep the natural taste of goat meat.

Housing & Shelter

Highly meat productive goat breeds needs a house or shelter for taking rest, ruminating and staying at night. Always make south faced house for your goats.

Ensure sufficient flow of fresh air and light inside the goat house. Make proper drainage inside the house so that you can easily clean the house.


Feeding is very important for maximizing meat production. Always feed your goats fresh and nutritious food. If natural food from your pasture area not sufficient, then feed them highly nutritious supplementary food.

For maximizing meat production add some extra protein with their regular food. Also serve them sufficient fresh and clean water according to their demand. Learn more about what to feed goats.

Health Care

Always be careful about goat diseases and hygienic rearing methods of goats. Always make a stock of some necessary medicines and vaccines in your farm.

Keep good relationship with veterinary doctors. So that you can find a doctor soon when needed.

Goat meat is a great source of animal nutrition. And the demands and consumers of goat products are increasing rapidly. So, meat goat farming business has a great opportunities.

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  1. I live in Eswatini, would like to start a goat meat farming to supply supermarket and butcheries. Please advice on the breeds suitable for high veld climate with medium to high rainfall in Swaziland.

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