Egg Bound Chicken

Sometimes egg detention can be seen in the uterus of layer chicken. Detention of egg in the uterus of chicken is called egg bound chicken. This is one types of poultry diseases and occurs when the pullet start laying. The causes, symptoms and remedy of egg bound chicken are described below.

Causes Of Egg Bound Chicken

  • Big sized egg is the main cause of egg bound chicken.
  • Deteriorative structure of oviduct.
  • Laying eggs in immature age.
  • Much fat in chicken.
  • Low slippery materials during laying period.
  • If the oviduct get paralyzed.
  • Lack of some vitamin and nerve weakness.
  • Natural causes during the hen laying egg.
  • This can happened for first time laying.

Egg Bound Chicken Symptoms

  • The chicken can’t tolerate the pain and run here and there.
  • Walk around the laying place.
  • Chicken try to laying but they can’t.
  • Oviduct can be paralyzed.
  • Blood can be come out from rectum.
  • Sometimes chicken die.

Egg Bound Chicken Remedy

  • Take some vaseline or oil in your hand and put it in the rectum of the affected chicken and mix around the oviduct. Then make pressure in abdomen slowly and the egg will come out.
  • Break the egg and bring it out with finger or tongs. Don’t forget to wash your hand with germicide.
  • Give the egg bound chicken affected bird less feed.

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