Sable Goat Characteristics, Breeding & Uses

The Sable goat is another good breed of dairy goat which is also popular for milk production. It is similar in appearance to the Saanen goat, except the coloring.

And they are derived from the Saanen goats which is a Swiss breed. The Saanen goats are completely white in color, while the Sable goats can appear in any color but they must not have more than 50 percent white coloration.

Sable goats are similar in appearance to the Saanens, but their different coloration are the result of the interaction of recessive genes from the sire and the dam which were used for the development.

The Sable goats are sometimes referred as ‘the Saanens in party clothes’. The breed is recognized by the American Dairy Goat Association (AGDA). However, read some more information about this breed below.

Sable Goat Characteristics

The Sable goats are medium sized animals with very similar appearance to the Saanen goat, except the coloration. They can come in a variety of colors, including black, brown and grey. They sometimes have white coloring. But complete white coloring is not permitted.

Body of the Sable goat is very deep, wide and long with well-sprung ribs pointing to the rear. Their back is straight with very little slope to the rump.

Their legs are long, strong, straight, squarely set and wide apart. They have large and upright ears (sometimes rounding at the tip and pointing forward).

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Hair of the Sable goat is short and fine. Their head is wide and long with straight or dished face. Their jaw is strong, and have a deep muzzle. However, overall appearance of the Sable goats is tall, heavy and rangy.

Average body height of the mature bucks is around 32 inches at the withers, and around 30 inches for the does. And average live body weight of the mature animals is around or up to 65 kg.


Feeding the Sable goats is easy and simple. They are good grazers and will do very well if allowed to pasture. But you need to supplement their diet with good quality and nutritious concentrated feeds. Read complete guide for feeding dairy goats.


The Sable goats are not seasonal breeders, and they can actually breed throughout the year. Read more information about goat breeding.


The Sable goats are very hardy and strong animals. Their colored skin makes them perfect for hot and sunny areas. And they are not prone to skin cancer, like the Saanens. They are superior animals with good milking abilities.


The Sable goats are dairy goats and they are raised mainly for milk production. Their milk is of very good quality containing about 3-4 percent of butterfat content.

One of the most obvious reasons for breeding Sable goats is the variety of color patterns with the superior milking ability. Milking ability of the Sable goat is almost the same as the Saanen, but some farmers claim that ‘the Sables have other attributes which are superior to the Saanen’, Sable goats can also be raised in confinement, and they are very good for commercial milk production purpose. You can start your dairy goat farming business with this breed.

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