Best Goat Farming Business Plan For Beginners

Are you a beginner in goat farming? Looking for goat farming business plan for beginners? If yes, then you are in the right place. Here we are trying to describe more about profitable goat farming business, especially for beginners. Hope this guide will be very helpful for you!

Actually a suitable and effective business plan is a must for starting any business. As goat farming is a proven highly profitable business so, it is very necessary to make a proper goat farming business plan before starting this business. Make a clear and up to date business plan before investing your money in this market.

Although goat farming project requires less capital and investment than raising any other livestock such as cattle or buffalo. But you will need high investment if you want to start a commercial production.

You can start goat farming business with a very small investment, if you start with a minimum number of goats. But goat farming is very profitable and you will get more profits from goat farming business than any other livestock farming business.

Goat Farming Business Plan For Beginners

Making an effective goat farming business plan for beginners is very important for making high profits from this business. Main reasons of the the high popularity and rapid spreading of this business throughout the world are high profit within a very short time, little investment requirement, huge global demand of goat products.

If you want to start this business and if you have the ability of making a plan perfectly then you will defiantly be able to achieve the highest profit from goat farming business. If you are a beginner in this business, then we recommend contacting some successful goat producers in your area and visit some farms practically.

By visiting some farms and goat producers you will get some clear ideas about the pros and corns of this business. This will help you running your business perfectly. However, for making a suitable goat farming business plan for beginners, read the following criteria very carefully. Try to include everything in your business plan before starting this business.

Try To Complete A Training First

Starting a new commercial goat production system is simple and easy. That’s why this business is good for the beginners. If you are a beginner, then we recommend having training first before starting this business. You can contact your local agriculture extension office to learn more about the availability of training facility in your area.

Have Your Investment Ready

Large scale or commercial goat farming business require relatively high investment. So, try to have your investment ready before starting. You can either invest money you already have, or you can also apply for bank loan. There are many government and non-government banks available who are providing loan for starting commercial goat farming business.

Select A Good Location

Selecting a good and suitable farm area for your business is a very important part of your goat farming business plan. Try to select such an area which has all required facilities for successfully starting and operating this business.

Ensure a good source of fresh water is available in your area. Having a good food (especially greed foods) source near your farm area will be very helpful. Ensure all types of required materials are easily found near your selected area.

Good transportation system is a mandatory. And also ensure full time labor is available in your selected area. Try to select the location near a market so that you can easily purchase required materials and also sell your products.

Goat Products

First of all, make a clear decision of what do you really want to produce and sell from your goat farming business. Goats are multi-purpose animals. You can produce many products such as milk, meat, fiber, manure and skin form goats.

Go to your nearest market and try to understand which goat products have a high demand in the market. Try to produce those products which you can sell easily in your local market. Otherwise you will lose money instead of being benefited.

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For an example, you have established a dairy goat farming business. And your goats are producing milk highly. But there are a little or no goat milk consumer in your local market. Then what will you do with your production? So, always keep in mind this factor and try to produce those products which you can sell easily in your local market.

If you have a good facilities for marketing your products internationally, then you can produce any product from your farm. Otherwise emphasis on local demand. However, make a good decision of what you are going to produce form your goat farming business.


Nowadays goat meat is very popular and has great demand throughout the world. And this rate is increasing rapidly day by day. A report shows that about 70% of total consumed meat globally comes form the goat.


Goat milk is enriched with many necessary nutrition elements and it is easily digestible. As a result it has huge demand in local and international market. Goat milk is also very suitable for making all types of dairy products.


If you want to produce fiber form your farm then Cashmere and Angora goat are very suitable. Both are highly fiber productive.


All goat breeds produce skin. But few of them produce high quality skin. For business purpose Black Bengal goat produces high quality skin. And their skin has a high demand and value in the international market.

Select Right Goat Breed For Your Business

Selecting the right breed for your production is also very important. Because your production will not be profitable if you can’t choose the right breed. There are actually many different goat breeds available throughout the world. Some of these breeds are good for meat, some are good for milk and some are good for both purpose. But you have to choose the right breed for your production.

Best meat goat breeds

If you want to produce meat, then you have to choose from the best meat goat breeds. Some best meat goat breeds are Black Bengal, Boer, Kalahari Red, Kiko, Fainting, Nubian, Rangeland, Sirohi, Spanish, and Verata Goats. You can choose any of these breeds depending on it’s availability in your area. You can also consider local breeds, if there are any.

Best dairy goat breeds

You have to choose from the top dairy goat breeds, if you want to produce milk. Some best dairy goat breeds are Alpine, Saanen, LaMancha, Jamunapari, Toggenburg, Nubian, Oberhasli, Golden Guernsey, Sable and Nigerian Dwarf Goats. You can choose any of these breeds depending on it’s availability in your area. If there are any local breeds in your area, then you can also consider those goats.

Dual-purpose goat breeds

Some goats are good for both meat and milk production, and they are called dual-purpose goat breeds. Some popular dual-purpose goat breeds are Nubian, Alpine, Nigerian Dwarf etc.

Purchase Required Equipment

Most common and required goat farming equipment are fencing, shelter or pen, feeding racks, water, loafing sheds, feeds or silage storage, animal sick bay, and manure handing bay. You can either purchase or DIY some of these equipment.

Goat Housing

You must have to make a good housing system for commercial goat farming business. Try to make separate house for your different types of goats. Ensure all facilities are available for your goats inside the house. Good house also helpful for keeping the goat healthy and free from diseases. Investment in goat housing system is fixed. And you can use one house for several years. So, think wisely before making the house for your goats.

Feeding Goats

Goats are ruminants. They eat almost all types of crops, grains and greens. It will be better if you have a grazing place where your goats can roam freely. Because goats are able to intake most of their required food from pasture.

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If you can allow your goats to consume food from natural sources, then it will also reduce your feeding costs.

You can also feed your goats with commercially prepared goat feed. This type of foods are highly nutritious and are able to fulfill all their nutritional demands. But price of commercial feeds are higher. And you can reduce the costing by giving your goats a mix of commercial and natural foods.


Goats are naturally very good breeders. They will breed easily if you keep good ratio of bucks and does in your herd. Generally, 1 buck is enough for breeding 20-30 does. Keep the breeding records in a notebook.

Health & Caring

Always try to raise your goats hygienically. Keep good contact with a vet in your area and ask him/her for help if anything goes wrong. Stock some necessary vaccines and medicines in your farm, if possible. Always vaccinate your goats timely.

Always try to take good care of your goats. And take extra care of the breeding bucks, pregnant doe, nursing doe and the kids.

Special Considerations

Before making a goat farming business, plan consider your budget and some other factor related to this business. How much capital do you have? How many facilities can you provide to your goats with this capital? Which product do you want to produce form your farm? What are the natural facilities available there in your area for goat farming? Is there any market available for selling your products in proper price? Is there any grazing place near your farm? Can you provide provide proper treatment and medicines?

  • Do you love goats? Loving the animals that you are raising is very important for success-fullness in any business.
  • Do you have any experience in this business? If not, contact with your nearest animal husbandry training centers or visit some farms.
  • Do you have enough capital for setting up your farm? You can also apply for bank loan if you don’t have already.
  • Do you have enough facilities for goat farming? For example clean and fresh water source, cultivation of green feeds like plants or grasses, proper marketing, medication etc.
  • What is the market condition of your location? Try to understand the market demand and price of your products.
  • Do you have enough time & interest? This is very important for beginners.
  • Can you personally take care of your goats? Don’t depend on labors. Try to take care of your goats personally along with your labors. Learn more about their health and diseases management. If possible visit some farms practically for several days and try to learn everything related to this business.

If all the answers become positive then you should start goat farming business immediately. Wish your happy and profitable goat farming business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Popularity of goat farming business is increasing gradually. That’s why many people are trying to learn more about this business. Especially, the beginners ask us many questions about starting and operating a successful goat farming business. However, here we are trying to list the most common questions and trying to answer them. Hope you will find your answer. Don’t hesitate to ask us if you have more questions.

How to start goat farming business?

Starting a goat farming business is relatively easy. First of all select a good farm area, make a good business plan, choose the right breed, feed your goats with good quality and nutritious food and always try to take good care of your goats.

What is the primary requirement to succeed in goat farming?

An effective and well recharged goat farming business plan will help you achieve much success in goat farming business within short period of time.

Is goat farming really a profitable business?

Yes, sure! Goats are highly efficient for converting low quality foods into high quality meat. Commercial production of goat is more profitable than small scale production.

How much profit do you make on goat?

It’s not possible to tell the exact amount. Because it depends on numerous factors. Please consult with some existing farmers in your area for having more accurate idea.

Which breed of goat is most profitable?

It’s actually depends on your production purpose. If you go for meat production, then Boer, Black Bengal, Kalahari Red, Kiko, Fainting, Nubian, Rangeland, Sirohi, Spanish and Verata goats will be very good for you.

But if you go for milk production, then Alpine, Saanen, LaMancha, Jamunapari, Toggenburg, Nubian, Oberhasli, Golden Guernsey, Sable and Nigerian Dwarf goats will be good for you!

How much money does 100 goats make?

Please visit the goat farming project report on our website for having some ideas.

How can I invest in goat farming?

We recommend having practical knowledge before investing in commercial goat farming business. Try to complete a training first and also try to visit as many farms as you can before starting. Doing this will enhance your knowledge, and you will be able to operate your farm better.

Which is more profitable goats or sheep?

Both are profitable. But goat farming seems to be more profitable than sheep farming.

How much space does 100 goats need?

Around 1500 square feet space.

How much money is required for goat farming?

Depends on the number of goats.

Can I get loan for goat farming?

YES, definitely! You can get loan from most government and non-government banks or NGOs.

How much does it cost to feed a goat daily?

Less than $1 in most cases. Feeding costs actually depends on the type of food you feed to your goats.

What do goats eat on a farm?

Hay is the main source of nutrients for goats apart from their range.

What is the cheapest way to feed goats?

Giving your goats weedy hay is the cheapest way to feed them. Because it is very cheap and contain a large amount of necessary nutrition.

Can a goat live on only grass?

YES! Goats are highly efficient in converting low quality foods to good quality meat. And yes, a goat can live on only grass.

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Do goats need grain everyday?

NO! But if you have meat goats, then providing grain daily will be very good. On an average, around half pound of grains per day per goat will be good.

How much water do goats drink daily?

It depends on the size of the breed. Generally a large goat drink between 2 and 3 gallons of water daily. The quantity is less for the smaller sized goats.

Why is salt important for goats?

Goats need salt to help maintain healthy appetite and body weight, whether you are raising goats for milk or meat.

How can I make my goat grow faster?

Feeding the goats grains will help them to grow faster. Especially, feeding the corn and oats will help them to grow faster.

How many kg does a goat eat per day?

Can vary from 1 to 2 kg. Depends on the size of the goat.

How many goats do you need to start a goat farm?

Depends on your budget. The number can vary from just one to hundreds or even thousands of goats.

How do I start a small goat farm?

First of all select a good farm area, make a good business plan, choose the right breed, feed your goats with good quality and nutritious food and always try to take good care of your goats.

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