Pygora Goat Farming

Pygora goat farming is popular mainly for fiber production. The Pygora goats are very beautiful and they were originally developed from crossing the Pygmy and white Angora goats. They were developed mainly for the purpose of fiber production.

The Pygora goat breed was bred by Katharine Jorgensen of Oregon City, Oregon in the 1980s. And the breed was a result of purposeful cross. Katharine Jorgensen wanted to develop a small goat breed which will be able to produce fine fiber for hand spinning.

The Pygora goats actually produce 3 distinct types of fleece. But the first generation of Pygmy and Angora crosses are not considered as true Pygoras and sometimes the Pygora goats are also called as the Miniature Angora goats.

The Pygora goats are noted for their hardiness and playfulness. And the breed is gaining popularity rapidly throughout the world. And along with very good quality fiber production, the Pygora goats are also gaining popularity as pets.

But commercial Pygora goat farming for fiber production can be a profitable business. And you can also sell the goats for meat purpose.

How to Start Pygora Goat Farming

Starting Pygora goat farming business is just like starting a goat farming business with any other domestic goat breeds. But as the Pygora goats are fiber goat breed, so they generally require clean space and pretty much caring for producing good quality fiber.

Here we are trying to describe everything about starting and operating a successful Pygora goat farming business from purchasing animals to caring and marketing.

Purchase Goats

First of all, purchase very good quality and healthy animals from any of your nearest livestock market or existing Pygora goat farms.

You can also search your local online classified websites for purchasing animals.

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The Pygora goats generally require very good housing facilities for keeping the fiber in good quality. They require clean and comfortable house for living. And a good house not only keeps them clean a healthy but also helps them to stay free from predators and adverse weather.

So, try to make a good and comfortable house for your animals. Raised house (which is above from the ground) is considered good for Pygora goat farming. Make the house in such a way so that you can easily clean the house. Install good ventilation system and ensure flow of sufficient fresh air and light inside the house.

As a smaller sized breed, a Pygora goat will generally require between 10 and 12 square feet housing space.


Feeding the animals with high quality and nutritious food is the most important part of Pygora goat farming business. So, always try to feed your goats with enough good quality and nutritious foods.

Never feed them contaminated feeds and provide them with enough greens as per their demand. And always try to provide them with enough clean and fresh water as per their demand. Also provide them with vitamins and minerals as per the suggestion of an experienced vet.


The Pygora goats are naturally very good breeders, and generally natural breeding is practiced for Pygora goat farming business instead of artificial breeding. One mature and healthy buck is enough for breeding 20-30 does.


As the Pygora goats are a fiber goat breed, so they generally require much caring than many other domestic goat breeds. Because without proper caring, the quality of the fleece will decrease.

So always try to take good care of your animals. Vaccinate and de-worm them timely and keep good contact with a vet in your area.


Marketing goat products is not a problem and you will probably be able to sell your products in the local or any nearest market. Although, you should set your marketing strategies before starting this business.

These are the common ways for starting and operating a successful Pygora goat farming business. Hope this guide has helped you! Good luck & may God bless you!

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