Commercial Meat Goat Farming

Commercial meat goat farming is very popular and already an established great business idea. Weight gaining in goats is the key for commercial meat goat farming.

Meat of goat is very popular and has a great demand and value throughout the globe. So, if you are thinking about starting meat goat farming business, then read this guide carefully.

Advantages of Commercial Meat Goat Farming Business

There are numerous advantages of starting meat goat farming business commercially. The main advantages are listed below.

  • Global popularity of goat meat is the main benefit of commercial meat goat farming.
  • There are no religious taboo consuming goat meat throughout the world.
  • Goat meat is very tasty and has an unique taste.
  • By setting up commercial meat goat farming business, you can meet up the daily nutritional demands of your family.
  • Required initial investment is very low.
  • Goats grow fast and become suitable for slaughtering within a year.
  • Diseases are less in goats.
  • Labor, feeding and other costs are less in commercial meat goat farming.
  • Commercial meat goat farming business can be a great source of employment for the unemployed educated youths and women.

Steps For Starting Commercial Meat Goat Farming Business

To be successful in commercial goat farming business, you must have to make a good business plan and you should follow the plan strictly.

Without a proper plan, you can’t make your goat farming business highly profitable. We have described here shortly about setting up of a meat goat farming business commercially.

Selecting Breeds

Selecting suitable breeds according to your location is most important. Always choose highly productive goat breeds which are suitable for commercial production.

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There are some breeds which are highly meat productive but grows very slowly. Never select this type of breeds. Select those which can adopt themselves with all types of climate and environment.

I have listed here some world famous and high quality meat productive meat goat breeds. You can choose any of them for commercial production.

  • Boer: Boer is world famous and no. 1 meat producing goat breed. It is generally a goat breed of South Africa. Adult Boer buck weights about 100-115 kg and doe about 90-100 kg.
  • Beetal: Beetal is a dual purpose goat breed. They are suitable for both meat and milk production. They are very suitable for commercial meat goat farming business. Adult Beetal buck weights around 65 kg and doe around 45 kg.
  • Black Bengal: Black Bengal is famous for high quality tasty meat production. It is a Bangladeshi meat goat breed. They can easily adopt themselves with almost all types of weather and climate. And they can also survive by consuming less and low quality food. For commercial meat production, they are very suitable. An adult Black Bengal buck weights about 20-30 kg and doe weights less than 25 kg.
  • Pygmy: Pygmy is a goat breed of West Africa. They are very suitable for commercial meat production. Gain maturity in less than a year. An adult Pygmy buck weights about 27-39 kg and a doe weights about 24-34 kg.
  • Nubian: Nubians are suitable for both commercial meat and milk production. Nubians are long and big sized goat.


Making a suitable goat farm design and housing system is very essential for commercial meat goat farming business. Goats are small in size and you can keep numerous goats within a house.

But, during making the house for goats ensure availability of all necessary facilities in the house.

  • Ensure sufficient entrance of light and fresh air.
  • Make proper ventilation system and temperature or moister controlling system.
  • Select a calm and higher place for making the house.
  • Make separate room for buck, doe and kids.
  • Make a comfortable bed inside the house for your goats.


Feeding meat goats nutritious food is most important. As weight gaining in goats is the main purpose of commercial goat farming, so you have to feed your goats high quality and nutritious food.

Natural grazing is very suitable. It helps to reduce food cost. But along with natural foods, you also have to provide some complementary food for better production.

Never forget to add all types of necessary nutrient elements like vitamins, minerals, salt etc. in their complementary food. Sufficient amount of clean and fresh water also necessary with high quality nutritious food. See what to feed goats.


Breeding process for commercial meat goat farming business can be done by two ways. Natural breeding and artificial breeding. Modern farmers are now using artificial breeding system mostly.

This is perfect for large scale farmers. It reduces costs and time. As a small scale farmer, you can go with natural breeding system.


Goat meat has a huge domestic and global popularity. So, there is little or no tension about marketing the products. Trying the local markets is always better.

Never transport your goats so far by foot or vehicles for getting high price. This will cause health hazard instead of being benefited.

Proper care and management can result good output from commercial meat goat farming business. Before starting, try to learn more and more details about raising meat goats commercially. Wish your success!

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