10 Best Meat Goat Breeds for Meat Production

The goat breeds which are very good for producing meat and mainly used for meat production purpose are called meat goat breeds. Goat meat is a great source of nutrition and it is actually popular throughout the world.

Goat meat is very healthy, and it contain less calories (almost as few calories as chickens). Goat meat is also easily digestible. Starting a goat farming business for meat production is a good decision.

Meat goats actually grow very fast and they are very suitable for commercial goat farming business. Choosing the best meat goat breeds is very important for making maximum profit from your business.

If you are willing to start goat farming business mainly for meat production purpose, you must have to choose the best meat goat breeds.

10 Best Meat Goat Breeds

There are hundreds of goat breeds available throughout the world. But not all these breeds are good for commercial meat production business. Here we are describing about top 10 meat goat breeds.

1. Black Bengal Goat

Black Bengal goat is considered as the best meat goat breed in terms of meat quality and taste (according to IAEA). As the name suggests, the breed is actually from Bangladesh. But is also found in West Bengal, Bihar and Orissa of India.

Meat of Black Bengal Goat is of excellent quality and fetch high prices, both in local and international markets. Size of this goat is relatively smaller, and it’s really very easy to care for them.

2. Boer Goat

Boer goats are large animals, with a male can reach up to 300 lbs. They are one of the most popular meat goat breeds for their large size.

Boer goats are very hardy and resistant to diseases and they also grow very fast. They also have great reproduction quality. Boer goats actually originated from South Africa in the early 1900s.

3. Kalahari Red Goat

Kalahari, aka the Red Kalahari goat is similar in size and appearance to the Boer goat (except the coloration). It is a very beautiful breed that was originated from South Africa.

The breed is very hardy and they are able to breed and withstand hot temperatures and dry weather condition. Meat of the Red Kalahari is more tender than other breeds.

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4. Kiko Goat

The Kiko goat is a relatively new breed of meat goat which was created recently as the 1980s in New Zealand. The breed was actually created for meat production by breeding feral goats with Saanen, Toggenburg and Anglo Nubian goats.

Kiko goats are very hardy and they generally can survive in most conditions. They require less care, have great mothering skills, produce lean meat and also good for milk production.

5. Fainting Goat

The Fainting, aka the Myotonic goats are also good for meat production. They are actually known for their unusual reaction when under distress (freezing for a couple of second and ‘fainting’).

And this reaction actually developed from a genetic disorder. Fainting is a smaller sized meat goat breed, weighting around 175 lbs.

6. Nubian Goat

Nugian goat is not only good for meat production but also very good and used for milk production. And it can be called as a dual-purpose animal. Mature males can reach up to 175 lbs live body weight. They are also sometimes crossed with the Boer goats for creating larger sized meat goats.

7. Rangeland Goat

Rangeland is another very popular meat goat breed from Australia. This breed is tall, wide and has short hair. Rangeland goats are very hardy and they can reproduce and live happily in dry areas.

The breed require less care and also do well in hot weather. Rangelands are sometimes crossed with the Boer goat for producing good quality kids.

8. Sirohi Goat

The Sirohi goat is actually from India, and it is a great breed for meat production. These animals are very hardy and can survive in almost all climates.

Sirohi goats are mostly found in India, and some other South Asian countries. They require less care and they reproduce relatively easily.

9. Spanish Goat

As the name suggests, the Spanish goats originally developed from Spain. But today it is available throughout the world and raised as a good meat goat breed. These animals require less care and they can thrive in almost all climates.

10. Verata Goat

The Verata is another meat goat breed from Spain. The breed is very strong and durable, and they can survive in almost all climates.

A mature goat can reach around or up to 70 kg body weight. By the way, this breed is also considered as one of the best meat goat breeds.

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