Laoshan Goat Breed Information

The Laoshan goat is a dairy goat breed originated from the Shandong Province of China. The breed is mainly raised for their milk production. The Laoshan goat was developed from the selective breeding of local goats with Saanen goats of another type, first introduced to Loushan by German preachers early in 1904. This goats have been developed from upgrading and selection during the past 70 years.

Now the Laoshan goat is similar to the purebred Saanen goat in both milk production and body conformation. Read more information about the breed below.

Characteristics of Laoshan Goat

The Laoshan goat is a medium sized dairy goat breed with compact and strong conformation. They are closely related to the Saanen goats, which is another popular dairy goat breed. Laoshan goats are usually white in color with soft and short hairs. A large percentage of the breed are hornless. The does have well developed udder.

As a medium sized dairy goat, average body height of the Laoshan bucks is about 85 cm, and about 71 cm for does. And a mature buck on average weights about 76 kg and a mature doe weights about 48 kg. Photo form PetMapz.
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Laoshan goat is mainly kept as a dairy goat breed. It is suitable for milk production and also pretty good as meat goats.

Special Considerations

Laoshan goats are beautiful dairy goats. They are of good behavior and usually have calm temperament. They are well adapted and are distributed in Laoshan areas of Shandong province where the rich native pasture and feed resources provide ideal conditions for dairy goats. They also demonstrate good adaptability to the humid climate conditions.

The does are pretty good milkers, and they produce about 557 to 870 kg of milk per lactation. Their lactation period ranges from 8 to 10 months. Milk of the Laoshan goat contain around 4 percent fat. Review full breed profile of Laoshan goat in the table below.

Laoshan Goat | Breed Profile

Breed Name Laoshan
Other Name None
Breed Purpose Milk
Breed Size Medium


Buck About 76 kg
Doe At least 48 kg
Horns A large percentage of Laoshan goats are hornless
Climate Tolerance All Climates
Coat Color White
Good for Stall Fed Not sure
Rarity Common
Country/Place of Origin China

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