Commercial Goat Farming: Best Guide for High Profits

Goat farming is becoming very popular day by day. And many producers are thinking about establishing a commercial goat farming business. Because, goats are among the main meat and milk producing animals.

Goat’s milk and meat has a huge domestic demand and goat is one of the choicest meat and milk source. Due to its high demand and good economic prospects, commercial goat farming under intensive or semi-intensive system has been gaining momentum for the past few years.

Commercial goat farming has been deriving many modern farmers, professionals, ex-serviceman, unemployed educated youths and famous businessman to take up the goat enterprise on a commercial scale.

High demand of goat and all goat products with potential of good economic returns of their total initial investment.

The producers are being interested more by the emerging favorable market conditions and easy accessibility of improved goat farming technologies.

As a result, numerous commercial goat farms have been established in almost all countries throughout the world (especially in the developing countries of Asia and Africa).

Benefits of Commercial Goat Farming

Commercial goat farming has many benefits. As a result, it is very popular around the globe. The main benefits of commercial goat farming are listed here.

  • Commercial goat farming is a great and guaranteed profitable business idea.
  • Capital required for this business is comparatively less than other business opportunities. Even you can start with a little amount of goats. And by proper care and management, you can grow your business to the next level within one year or two.
  • Goats produce kids more than once a year. So, if you start with a few goats then you will be able to grow your business fast.
  • Goats require housing/sheltering facilities less than other livestock animals.
  • It is very easy to maintain goats and maintenance costs are also less.
  • Goats require less labor cost.
  • Great business idea for unemployed educated youths, women, ex-serviceman, businessman and for the professionals also.
  • Women can also perform this business by setting up small scale commercial farm. This will help them by providing economic support.
  • Especially, the unemployed educated youths can create a great great business and employment opportunities by establishing commercial goat farming.
  • Government of almost all countries provide necessary training and other facilities for establishing this type of business.
  • Many local, Govt. and international banks are interested in investing on this types of business with a very little terms and condition. Some Govt. bank provide loan facility with a very little or no interest.
  • Commercial goat farming can contribute the national economy to make it strong.
  • Diseases and other risks are minimum than other farming business.
  • In a word, commercial goat farming is a great business idea with good returns of investment ratio (ROI).

How to Start Commercial Goat Farming

Setting up a commercial goat farm doesn’t require any hard core plan. Just follow the step by step process very carefully and you will be able and set up a commercial goat farm.

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And if you can manage everything perfectly, then you will definitely be able to earn high profit from your farm.


It is very important to select a suitable place for setting up commercial farm with all types of facilities for goats. Wherever your farm is located, you have to ensure all types of facilities are available in your selected locations or areas. The essential facilities for establishing a commercial goat farm are listed below.

  • Great source of clean and fresh water. Because, clean and fresh water keeps your animal healthy. Always provide them sufficient clean and fresh water according to their daily needs. A great source of water can be made by setting up a tubewell, pond or any other types of water reservoir. Always keep water inside the house and many places of your farm.
  • Select the farm location near to villages. By setting your farm near to villages, you will be able to get labor for your farm easily and cheaply.
  • Good transportation system is a must while selecting land for farm. Good transportation system will help you to keep good relation with your nearest market and other source.
  • It will be better if you can establish your farm, far from naxalite areas.
  • Ensure the location is chaos, noise and all types of pollution free.
  • You should not select those locations, which are very far from the market.
  • Ensure veterinary service is available near your farm. Very close veterinary service will reduce your losses and tension if something goes wrong.
  • Goats need grazing place. So, while selecting location determine whether you can make a pasture or not.


Select what type of products you are going to produce from your farm. Determine whether goat meat or milk has a great demand in your local area.

If goat milk has a great demand in your area then you should start a commercial dairy goat farm. Goat meat has a great global popularity.

So, you can easily establish commercial meat goat farming business. If your location has enough facility for marketing your products internationally, then you can establish goat farm for producing any types of products.

Generally, you can establish farm for producing goat’s products like milk, meat, skin, fiber etc. But for commercial purposes, establishing meat or dairy goat farm will be more profitable.

Suitable Breeds

Choosing the proper goat breeds for your commercial farm is very important. There are numerous breeds around the world.

Some of them are highly meat productive, some are famous for milk production, some goat breeds produces high quality skins and fiber.

Here, I have listed short description of some highly productive goat breeds. They are very suitable for establishing successful commercial goat farming business.

  • Boer: Boer is one of the world famous highly meat productive goat breeds. Boer goat originated from South Africa but they are very suitable for commercial meat production in almost all countries of the world. An adult Boer buck weights about 100-115 kg and doe about 90-100 kg.
  • Beetal: Beetal is another highly meat productive goat breed. They are world famous meat goat breed. And a very important goat breed of some Asian countries like India or Pakistan. Beetal goat is very suitable for commercial production. Adult buck weights about 65 kg and doe about 45 kg.
  • Black Bengal: Black Bengal is another meat productive goat breed. It is a Bangladeshi goat breed. Black Bengal goat produces very high quality meat. The meat of this goat is very tasty and has a great demand. An adult doe weights about 20 kg and buck around 20-30 kg.
  • Saanen: Saanen is a world famous dairy goat breed of Switzerland. But it is very suitable for commercial dairy goat farming around the globe. A Saanen doe can produces about 2-3 kg milk daily. Toggenburg and Alpines are another highly productive dairy goat breeds of Switzerland.
  • Anglo Nubian: Anglo Nubian is a hybrid dairy goat breed. They are the result of cross breeding of Nubian and English goat. They are also suitable for commercial production. A doe can produce about 2-3 kg milk daily.
  • Jamunapari: Jamunapari is an Indian dairy goat breed. In India, they are called poor man’s cow for their highly milk production. A Jamunapari goat doe can produce about 3-3.5 kg milk daily.


Good housing system is a must for commercial goat farming. A good designed house with all types of accommodation facilities, influence the total production and profit from commercial goat farming.

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On an average, 1.5-2.0 squire meter housing space is required per goat. So, build your house according to the number of goats.

Inside the house, keep separate room for buck and does. Never keep bucks and does together. You can also make numerous separate house for keeping them permanently separate from each other.

Make a separate room for the kids also. For commercial dairy goat farming, making an extra room for milking the goats will be effective.

While making the house, ensure availability of sufficient space required by the goats. Make proper ventilation system. For ventilation, you can use electric fans or make big sized window while making the house.

Always ensure sufficient flow of fresh air and light inside the house. Make a suitable drainage system, so that you can clean the house easily. While building house for goats, follow the tips below.

  • Select a higher place for building house. This will help you to keep the house always dry.
  • Start building house during dry seasons.
  • Always keep the floor of the house dry.
  • Ensure sufficient flow of fresh air and light.
  • Make proper temperature and moisture controlling system inside the house.
  • Prevent damping condition. Because this can causes various types of diseases.
  • Goats are feared about rain. So, never let the rainwater to directly enter inside the house.
  • The house must have to be strong enough and comfortable for the goats.
  • Prevent entrance of harmful insects and animals inside the house.
  • Always keep sufficient clean and fresh water inside the house.


Making a fence around your farm area will keep your goats safe and free from other harmful animals like dogs.

Fencing also help you to keep your farm lands green food safe and being feed by another animals like sheep and cattle.

For commercial goat farming, fencing is very urgent. You can make a fence with general wire or electric wire.


Feeding is the most important part of commercial goat farming. High commercial production and maximum profit is mostly dependent on feeding high quality fresh and nutritious food.

Along with enough regular green food you have to provide nutritious complementary food regularly. Providing fresh and nutritious food ensures higher production and profit form commercial goat farming.

Always ensure availability of all types of nutritional ingredients in the complementary food. See goat feed, what to feed goats.

  • Always observe the health condition of goats. If there any thin or weak goats, then separate those and give them some extra nutritious food.
  • Along with good feeding, try to understand whether the goats are diseases free or not. If any goats get affected by any diseases, then give them treatment first along with providing good food.
  • For commercial goat farming, never feed your goat used, damp or contaminated food.
  • Store your goat feed in cool and safe place.
  • Place the food basket high. This will reduce wasting of food.
  • If you want to change the food habit of goat then do it slowly. Never change the feeding habit suddenly. Because, by changing feeding habit suddenly, your goat may lose interest taking food. This will result serious health hazard.
  • Ensure colostrum for kids after their birth.
  • Keep numerous water pot inside the house. But, never put water and food basket at same place.
  • Adequate green feed, vitamins, minerals, fresh and clear water, balanced diet is the key to success in commercial goat farming.


Nowadays, a large number of the modern farmers are using artificial insemination system for breeding in commercial goat farming.

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Artificial insemination is very suitable for large scale commercial goat farming. If you are a beginner with few goats then you should use natural goat breeding.

If you are interested in artificial insemination, then you can contact with your any nearest organization.

Veterinary Services

In modern goat farming methods, the producers are very conscious about their goat’s health. And it is very necessary for commercial goat farming. Although diseases are less in goats.

But, you have to ensure the availability of proper and sufficient veterinary service in your farm. It will be better if your farm located near to any veterinary service center.

For commercial goat farming purpose, you also have to store the necessary medicines and vaccines in your farm. If anyhow something goes wrong, then you will be able to provide first aid.


Making a pasture is a mandatory for commercial goat farming. By making a pasture for your goats, you can decrease complementary food cost. And browsing in the pasture also helps to keep the goats healthy.

Regular Care

Never delay or stop caring your goats. Always provide them good care and management. Proper care and management can ensure maximum production and high profit from commercial goat farming business. For proper care and management do the above process perfectly.


This is the easiest but most important part of commercial goat farming. If everything goes well and if you get sufficient production then it’s time to market your products.

First of all, try your local market, then big markets in your country. And finally you can try international market.

Personally, I think local market or market within the country are best for small or medium commercial goat producer.

Commercial goat farming is really very lucrative business. If you want to start goat farming business, then follow the steps mentioned above very carefully. Don’t hesitate to ask something and mention if I forgot to include something in this guide. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

People ask many questions about commercial goat farming business. Here we are listing the most common questions about starting and operating a goat farming business commercially, and trying to answer them. Hope you will find your answer. Don’t hesitate to ask us if you have more questions.

Is commercial goat farming profitable?

Yes, commercial production of goat is a very lucrative business. You can make good profits from this business. But ensure good marketing facilities before starting this business. Because, you will not be able to make good profits from this business if you can’t sell your products in the market.

How to start commercial goat farming business?

Starting commercial production of goat is a very good way for making money. It’s very easy to start a commercial goat farm, even the beginners can start this business. Follow the steps mentioned below for starting a commercial production of goats.

  • First of all, select a very good farm location.
  • Determine the products you want to produce.
  • Select suitable breeds as per your production purpose.
  • Make a very good house for your goats.
  • Make a strong fence around your farm area.
  • Feed your animals with very good quality and nutritious food.
  • If possible, arrange a pasture for your goats.
  • Take good care of your animals and keep good contact with a vet in your area.

How much does it cost to start goat farming commercially?

Depends on numerous factors such as number of goats, production purpose etc.

How much money can you make from commercial goat production business?

Commercial production of goats is very profitable. But it’s not possible to tell the exact amount. You can consult with some existing farmers in your area for having some ideas.

Which goat is best for commercial farming?

Depends on your production purpose. For example, if you want to produce milk then Saanen goats will be very good for you. But if you want to produce meat, then Boer goats will be very good for you. It will be better if you consult with some existing farmers in your area before selecting the breed for your production.

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    1. Yes! But success or profit in this business depends on numerous factors. And you must have to be prepared for the hard work involves in this business. Good luck!

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