Anglo Nubian Goat Characteristics, Origin, Uses

Anglo Nubian goat originated from Great Britain. They are the result of crossbreeding of British and Indian goat breeds.

This goat breed is suitable for all types of domestic/commercial meat, milk and fur production purpose. As, Anglo Nubian goats are very strong and beautiful to look, they also very suitable for goat show.

The milk of this goat contains much butter and fat than any other dairy goats. Their breeding season is pretty long. So, you can produce milk from them through the year. They are one of the goat breeds who can tolerate hot condition highly.

So, there is a chance to improve the local low productive breeds by inseminating with Anglo Nubian goat. Characteristics, feeding, housing and care of Anglo Nubian goats are described below.

Characteristics of Anglo Nubian Goat

Anglo Nubian goats are the cross breed of British and Indian goats.

  • They are very famous for their beautiful look, milk and meat production.
  • They are of white, black, brown or mixed with various colored.
  • They are mainly raised for milk production. But they also produce meat highly.
  • Long sized pendulous ears hanged close to the head.
  • They are generally short haired and carries a decidedly Roman nose.
  • Long sized legs.
  • Udder is comparatively big sized.
  • They love grazing. But suitable for raising at home with other animals.
  • They can adopt themselves with the environment easily.
  • A doe (female goat) can produce about 2-3 litter milk daily.
  • The milk of Anglo Nubian goat contains about 4% fat and enrich with butter.
  • Adult male goats weights about 175 pounds.
  • Adult female goats weights about 135 pounds or more.


Anglo Nubian goats loves grazing  They eat leaves, green grasses, corns and whatever they found while grazing in the field.

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For commercial or domestic rearing feed the goats well balanced and nutritious feed. Take especial care of feeding the pregnant and the show goats. See goat feed.


Goats always likes dry places. So, build house for them in high and dry places. Keep some dry straw/hay or sand in the floor of goat house. This will keep their house dry.

Ensure sufficient flow and entrance of fresh air and daylight. Always keep the watering and feeding equipment of goat house neat, clean and germ free. Serve them fresh food and clean water regularly.

Care & Management

Anglo Nubian goat can tolerate high temperature and frequent change of climate. But they become more productive in hot weather. So, this goat don’t need some extra care and management.

But you have to take care of it’s feeding and housing. They become very obedient of their owners and love human interaction. They are like human infants and become very calm and quiet while providing food, water or shelter.

They make noise to express their emotions and demands. However, raising Anglo Nubian goat is very joyful and almost all types of people love them. Review full breed profile of the Anglo Nubian goat in the following table.

Breed NameAnglo Nubian
Other NameNubian
Breed PurposeMilk, also for meat
Breed SizeLarge
BuckAbout 79 kg
DoeAbout 61 kg
Climate ToleranceAll Climates
Coat ColorMany color variations
Good for Stall FedYes
Country/Place of OriginUnited Kingdom

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