How to Take Care of Nubian Goats?

Nubian goats were developed in the UK through breeding British goats with Middle Eastern specimens. They are also known as Anglo Nubian goat. Nubian goats are easily characterized by their roman noses and long ears.

They are fairly large goats, measuring between 32 and 37 inches at the withers. And excellent for both commercial production and as pets. An adult doe weights about 135 lbs. and an adult buck weights about 175 lbs.

How to Take Care of Nubian Goats

Nubian goats are considered as a dual purpose breed and very suitable for both milk and meat production. They can adopt themselves with hot climates easily. However, here we are describing more about how to take care of Nubian goats.


A proper and suitable place for the Nubian goats to live is very important, among the most essential parts for keeping them.

For keeping the goats safe inside and predators out, they require a securely fenced yard. Fencing must have to be at least 4 feet tall from the ground. Nubian goats usually need more space than other goats.

They need at least 200 square feet space per goat. As Nubians are Middle Eastern breed, so they can adopt themselves with both cold and hot temperatures.

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But in case of housing or shelter, they will require a dry, warm and well ventilated place. Goats usually are playful animal and they love to play.

So give your goats some items which they can use for playing and entertaining themselves. You can keep some old tires, a large pile of rocks or a stack of straw bales.

Provide comfortable and dry bedding for your Nubians. You can make their bedding by using straw or wood shavings.


Nubian goats prefer browsing than grazing. So it will be better, if you ensure they have a range of shrubs or bushes in their pasture. Provide them high quality hay. Alfalfa or clover provides best hay for Nubians.

You can feed them concentrated dairy goat feed. Supplement this concentrated diet with a loose mineral/salt mix. Along with quality feeding, always try to provide them sufficient amount of clean and fresh water. Keep several clean container inside their pen.

Usually during warm weather, goats drink more water than usual. Larger sized goats also require more water than the smaller one. So ensure adequate supply of clean and fresh water.

Health Care

Goats are hardy animals, and Nubians are usually healthy than any other goats or animals. Although you have to perform some regular tasks for keeping them always healthy. They need regular checkups and vaccinations.

Vaccinate your Nubians annually for tetanus and enterotoxemia (CDT). Also be very careful about some harmful goat parasites, such as lice and worms. Trim your Nubian’s hooves after every three months, doing this will help to prevent foot rot.

You can perform trimming by using a hoof trimmer and a hoof file or carpenter’s rough sanding plane. Wash them with water regularly after a certain period.

Potential Problems

Problems of raising Nubian goats depend on your living place or area. The biggest potential problem is predators. Make a strong and tall fence around the yard for keeping all types of predators outside. A fence with at least 4 to 5 feet high will be perfect for this purpose.

If you notice predators are big threat for your Nubians in your area, then consider keeping them in a locked barn or stable. Find out any poisonous plants in the pasture and remove those.

Oleanders, rhododendrons and members of the nightshade family are poisonous for Nubians. Nubians are also susceptible to stress. So don’t move them often, change their diet suddenly. Also try to avoid other potentially stressful stimuli.

Nubian goat’s care is quite different than other goats. They need ample time and space to look after them properly. But you can raise them successfully, if you provide them comfortable living place, adequate nutritious feed and always monitor their health condition.

Vaccinate them timely and perform regular checkups. Always provide them sufficient clean and fresh drinking water, and take good care of them.

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