Damascus Goat Farming

Damascus goat farming is common and popular for milk production in it’s native area. The breed is mainly found and raised in Cyprus, Syria and Lebanon. The breed is also known by some other names such as Aleppo, Baladi, Chami, Damascene, Halep or Shami.

The Damascus goat is actually a native breed of the Middle East where it has been raised in big herds throughout the region. Although today, the breed is also available in some other parts of the world.

The Damascus goat was used for creating many new or improved goat breeds, because of being noble and having striking characteristics.

Commercial Damascus goat farming in large scale is possible, as these goats are very good for milk production. You have to maintain the farm perfectly for making good profit from your Damascus goat farming business.

How to Start Damascus Goat Farming

Starting Damascus goat farming is just like starting a dairy goat farm with any other dairy goat breeds. Here we are shortly describing about the steps for starting Damascus goat farming business.

Purchase Goats

First of all, purchase purebred, good quality and healthy goats from the livestock market or existing farms where Damascus goat is available.

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The Damascus goats are large in size and they generally require large house. Generally, around 15 square feet space per goat will be sufficient. Dry and clean house is considered best for Damascus goat farming.

So always try to keep the house dry and clean. Ensure good ventilation system inside the house and also ensure that the house is comfortable for the goats.


Feeding is the most important part of Damascus goat farming business. You must have to feed your goats with nutritious food to keep them healthy and productive. As a dairy goat breed, Damascus goats will also require adequate green feeds for enough milk production.


Natural breeding is generally practiced for Damascus goats. Generally one healthy buck is enough for breeding up to 30 does.


Additional caring is required along with quality feeding and providing good shelter. Vaccinate your goats timely and provide them with de-worming medicines on a regular basis. Take extra care of the breeding buck, pregnant and nursing does.


Marketing goat products is not a problem, and you can easily sell your products in your local market. Although you should determine your marketing strategies before starting your business.

These are the common steps for starting and operating a successful Damascus goat farming business. Good luck!

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