PPR Diseases

Pests des petits ruminants disease is also known as PPR disease. It is a viral disease of goat. Almost all aged goat may get infected by this disease. The mortality rate of PPR disease is very high, about 90%. Every year thousands of goat die through this disease. Which affect goat production and economy very much.

PPR first detected in Ivory Coast of Africa at 1940. Later this disease spread throughout the world. This disease is so fatal that it can be called as goat plague.

Goat farming is a very profitable business. So, every farmer should take necessary steps to prevent this disease. PPR is a viral disease. The germ of this disease generally spreads through air, feed, water etc. Basically it is a contagious disease.


  • Firstly body temperature of goat increases and may suffers by fever.
  • Saliva flows from their nose and eyes.
  • Diarrhea pneumonia can be seen.
  • Nose and eyes get closed always.
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  • Sore can be seen in the mouth of goat.
  • Mouth of infected goat spreads bad smell.
  • PPR disease infected goat suffers by dyspnoea.
  • The goat stops eating food.
  • They do liquid defecate containing blood.
  • Infected goat lose its disease preventive power.

Prevention Methods

  • Kill the seriously infected animal as soon as possible, so that the germ can’t spread everywhere.
  • Vaccinate the healthy animal timely to prevent this disease.
  • Keep the house clean and germ free always.
  • Separate the infected goat form healthy one and keep them in dry place.
  • Keep communication with the nearest veterinarian always.
  • The used equipments of goat should keep under soil or burn it with fire.
  • Don’t transport or sell the infected goat.


Applying combined treatment method of anticyram and antibiotic may be effective for PPR disease. In this method both anticyram and antibiotic destroy the germ of PPR together.

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