Best Steps For Raising Nubian Boer Goat For Profits

Nubian boer goat is the result of a cross between two world famous goat breeds, Nubian and Boer. Nubuan goat is a very popular dairy goat breed, and Boer goats are popular for their highly meat production.

And nubian boer is a result of cross between this two productive breeds. Like nubian boer goat, many good breeds come from combining two different goat breeds. And this system is very effective for producing a new breed for one specific product.

Boer goats are not good milkers, but they are highly prized for their tasty meat. The meat of Boer goat tastes very fine, like a cross between beef and lamb.

On the other hand, Nubian goats are highly productive dairy goat breed. They produce delicious and high butterfat milk.

Nubian boer is a cross between this two productive breeds, for the purpose of increasing the quality of meat while retaining the nubian’s milking ability. And nubian boer goats are suitable for both meat and milk production.

Raising Nubian Boer Goat

Raising nubian boer goat is like raising other goat breeds. Care and management for raising nubian boer goat is easy and simple.

Here we are describing more about nubian boer goat’s feeding, housing and fencing.


Goats require less pasture space than other livestock animals, such as horse or cow. They are both browsers and grazers.

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Usually they don’t graze on grass, if a wide variety of plants that include berry bushes and even tree limbs are available in the pasture. Nubian boer goats also like browsing. They will also thrive on clover or alfalfa hay.

You can provide them supplemental dairy goat feed and a salt or mineral mix. Never feed them excessive grains. Because excessive grains can make bad result.

Give a small amount of grains to the pregnant and nursing doe and to the growing kids. Along with nutritious feed, always provide them adequate amount of clean and fresh water according to their daily demand.


Goats are resilient animal and they are able to survive in a variety of agro-climatic conditions. Although, they are not invincible. Usually they are susceptible to catching chills.

And this can lead to pneumonia. So it’s always good to make an appropriate house for them.

A nubian boer goat can grow to at least 300 pounds. So they require a barn or an adequate-size shelter. The house of a nubian boer goat must have to be clean, dry and well ventilated.

It will be better, if you make the house face away from the prevailing winds. Make comfortable bedding inside the house by using straw or wood shavings.


Goats are well known as a notorious escape artist. They turn feral within a moment and escape by breaking out of enclosures.

Nubian boer goats also are not an exception of this type of behavior. An escaped goat can cause untold damage to trees, shrubs or something else.

So you have to take special care for keeping your goats inside their area. You have to make a suitable fence to keep them safe inside.

Fence for a nubian boer goat should be at least 4 feet tall from the ground and made of sturdy material.

Chain link and woven wire fence work well for this purpose. Good fencing also help to keep the predators out, along with keeping your goats safe inside.

Raising nubian boer goat is easy, as long as you feed them nutritious food, provide them good housing, make a suitable fence and take good care of them.

As they are both meat and milk productive goats, so you have to be more careful about their health, food and living conditions.

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