How To Drench A Goat (Best Guide For Beginners)

Before discussing more about ‘how to drench a goat’, let me first explain what is drenching. Drenching is the method used to give medicine by mouth, and is normally used to treat animals against worm infections.

This method usually refers to dewormers and also medications syringed into a goat’s mouth and down the throat.

Drenching can involve a simple syringe, as with most dewormers. You can also use a large syringe or a drench gun for the purposes other than deworming.

Place the drench gun or syringe into the mouth of your goat and push the plunger, after adjusting the proper amount of medication or dewormer.

How To Drench A Goat

Drenching process of your goats will be much easier, if your animals are cooperative. This process will take more time and effort, if your goats are not cooperative and friendly in nature.

You will be able to keep your goats free from parasites, if you perform drenching on a regular basis. Usually goats need to be drenched after every 8 weeks. However, read more about the drenching process of a goat.


Usually it’s become very difficult to drench a goat for the first time. Because in case of drenching a goat for the first time, the goat has no idea about what you are doing (as long as you are reasonably quick about it).

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Although subsequent drenching also may not seem very easy to you. So it’s always a good idea to have two people involved with the drenching process. One to restrain the goat and another people for drenching.

If your goats are small, then you can try to restrain them by using your legs like chute around the front end of the goat. But if your goats are large enough, don’t try this method.

Instead, find someone else for holding the goat still, when you are drenching it. You can also use some tools for restraining the goats.


Before performing drenching process, measure the medication or dewormer, make the syringe ready and restrain the goat.

After all those process done, open the goat’s mouth, put in syringe in the side of the goat’s mouth toward the left side and place the syringe over the tongue’s base toward the back of the throat.

After that, slightly raise the head of the goat (not too high that the goat can’t swallow) and slowly squeeze the plunger. Don’t squeeze the plunger suddenly, do it slowly so the contents can go inside smoothly. During drenching procedure, never hold the goat’s mouth closed.

And before letting the goat go, ensure it swallows the medication or dewormer. During drenching, some of your goats may jump forward. In such cases, move with the goat for preventing damages of the roof of it’s mouth.


Measure weight of your goats before deworming, so that you can determine exactly how much dewormer you have to use.

You can perform drenching your goat with albendazole, doramectrin, fenbendazole, ivermectin or moxidectin. Withholding feed for about 12 to 24 hours before drenching a goat is recommended by the SCSRPC.

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