Fainting Goat Farming

Fainting goat farming is common and popular in some areas, because it is among the very good meat goat breeds. The name “Fainting” refer to a breed characteristic known as myotonia congenita, a condition in which the muscle cells experience prolonged contraction when the goat is startled.

Exact origin of the Fainting goat breed is unknown. But it i s one of the few goats that are indigenous to the United States. There are actually 2 strains of this goat breed, and most of those are found in Tennessee and less are found in the eastern United States.

Most of the Texas herds tend to be somewhat larger (probably due to selective breeding for the meat market). Muscles of the Fainting goat freeze for roughly 3 seconds when the goat feels panic. It’s painless and generally result in the animal collapsing on it’s side.

Whatever, the Fainting goats are excellent for meat production. Their meat is of good quality and has good demand in the market. So commercial Fainting goat farming business can be a good way to make some profit.

How to Start Fainting Goat Farming

Starting Fainting goat farming business is not too difficult and you can actually start easily. You have to choose and purchase good quality goats, make a good shelter for them, provide them with nutritious food and take good care of them. Here we are shortly describing about all the steps for starting and operating Fainting goat farming business.

Purchase Goats

First of all, purchase good quality and healthy animals from any of your nearest farm or livestock market. You can also search your local online classified websites for selecting and purchasing quality animals.

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Like many other domestic goat breeds, the Fainting goats also prefer dry and clean house for living. It will also be good for Fainting goat farming if the house is above the ground. Although keeping the Fainting goats in deep liter system is not uncommon. But raised house are good for them.

Make the house in such a way so that you can easily clean the house and the equipment inside it. Make good ventilation system and ensure sufficient flow of fresh air and light. As a small to medium size goat breed, 10-12 square feet space will be enough for each goat.


Feeding is the most important part of Fainting goat farming business. Always try to feed your goats with enough nutritious food. Give them both grains and greens. As a meat goat breed, grains will help the animals to gain more weight and the greens will help them to stay healthy.

Feed the goats with vitamins and minerals as per the suggestion of a vet in your area. And always ensure enough fresh and clean water for your goats.


Natural breeding is generally done for Fainting goat farming business. The Fainting goats are naturally good breeders and one buck is enough for breeding 25-30 does.


Additional caring is required for Fainting goat farming, along with feeding good quality feeds and arranging a good housing space for them. De-worm and vaccinate your goats timely so that they can stay free from all types of diseases and illness. Take extra care of the breeding bucks, pregnant and nursing does.


This is not a problem, and you can easily sell your products in the local or any nearest market. Although you should set your marketing strategies before starting this business.

These are the steps for starting and operating Fainting goat farming business. Good luck & may God bless you!

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