Dairy Farming FAQs

Generally, dairy farming FAQ (frequently asked questions) are those questions which are frequently asked by the beginner or existing dairy farmers.

All these questions are very important for starting and running a dairy farm, and every new and existing dairy farmers should learn more about these.

As a dairy farmer, you must have to know about the dairy farming FAQ for starting and running a successful dairy farming business.

ctually, people are raising dairy animals for long time as a consistent food supply source. But today, total world population has increased and food demand has also increased greatly.

So, along with own food supply, commercial dairy farming business can be a great way for earning some extra cash. And you can also take this business as your main income source.

Currently popularity of dairy or milk products has increased and now commercial dairy farming business is definitely a profitable business.

Raising dairy animals involves lots of tasks and it’s not that easy. Although if you are passionate about dairy farming and really willing to do this business, then it will be relatively easy for you. You can start with small scale by using your family labor and expand gradually.

Dairy farming FAQ (frequently asked questions)

There are many dairy farming FAQ about starting and operating this business.. You need to know the answer of all these questions whether you are a new or existing dairy farmer.

Here in this guide we are trying to discuss more about these dairy farming FAQ. And we hope you will be able to make good decision after reading these questions and answer series if your are a beginner. And for the existing farmers, it will be more easy to run your farm perfectly.

Q: What is dairy farming?

A: Dairy farming means ‘raising milk producing animals for the purpose of producing milk’. For example, if you raise cows, buffaloes or goats for the purpose of producing milk, then you are in dairy farming business.

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Q: Why dairy farming is important?

A: Dairy farming is important because it is a great food source. And it can also be a great source of additional income. Total investment is relatively high, but dairy farming business has high ROI (return on investment) ratio.

Q: What is dairy farm management?

A: Providing your dairy animals with sufficient feed, water, shelter, health care and other facilities are very important for keeping the animals happy and productive. And all these activities right from caring them to marketing the products are called as ‘dairy farm management’.

Q: How to start dairy farming business?

A: This is probably the most common dairy farming FAQ. Staring a dairy farming business is not that easy and it involves lots of tasks. And you can do all these activities if you are really passionate about dairy farming. However, here we are trying to describe more about the steps for starting a successful dairy farming business.

  • First of all, try to learn more about dairy farming business and total management system from any existing farmers or any of your nearest govt. or private organization.
  • After having practical knowledge, try to select a very good location for starting your farm. Try to select the area far from residential area or town. Doing so will help you to save some money for purchasing land.
  • Build a good house for your animals with all required facilities.
  • Purchase or build all the required equipment for running a dairy farming business.
  • Determine which animal you are going to raise for producing milk. You can choose cows, buffaloes, sheep, goats etc.
  • Choose a good breed after determining the animal you are going to raise. Try to purchase the animals from reliable source (trusted breeder or farm).
  • Bring the animal home and feed them with quality feeds.
  • Always try to provide them with adequate clean and fresh water.
  • Keep good contact with a vet in your area.
  • Try to determine the demand of milk in your area and set your marketing strategies.
  • Keep record of everything (total costs and income from the business).

Q: What should I choose cows or buffaloes?

A: It’s all depends on your own preference and there is not exact answer of this question. Generally, cows produce more milk than buffaloes. But milk of the buffaloes has higher butterfat content than cows.

Q: Which cow breeds are good for milk production?

A: Generally, Holstein Friesian, Jersey, Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Guernsey, Hariyana, Gir etc. are good for milk production.

Q: Which buffalo breeds are good for milk production?

A: Hariyana, Nili Ravi, Mehsana, Surti, Jaffarabadi and Murrah buffalo breeds are considered as best buffalo breeds for milk production.


Q: What is lactation cycle in dairy farming?

A: Lactation cycle is the calving cycle. For example, second lactation means the animal has given birth for second time.

Q: Why lactation cycle is important in dairy farming business?

A: 2nd and 3rd lactation animals are preferred in any commercial dairy farming business. Lactation cycle is important because it is directly related to milk production.

Q: How to identify lactation of buffalo?

A: It comes by experience. It’s generally easy to identify first lactation and over third lactation. But it is pretty difficult to differentiate between 2nd and 3rd lactation.

Q: What is heat cycle in dairy farm business?

A: Heat cycle is the period when the animals are ready to get pregnant again. This usually lasts for 12-24 hours. And during this period the animal has to be bred by a male animal. Identifying the heat cycle comes with experience.

Q: Which goat breeds are good for milk production?

A: Generally Beetal, Jamunapari, Saanen, Toggenburg, Alpine, Anglo Nubian etc. are good for milk production.

Q: How much milk do goats produce?

A: Depending on the breed, goats generally produce 2-3 kg of milk per day.

Q: How much milk do cows produce?

A: This also depends on the breed. Depending on the breed, cows can produce up to 20 kg milk and some cows can produce even more.

Q: Is dairy farming really profitable?

A: Dairy farming is really profitable if you can do everything perfectly.

Q: What to feed the dairy animals?

A: Feeding the animals with green fodder is very important. You can’t expect good milk production without providing the animals with green feeds. You can do your own green fodder production for feeding your dairy animals.

Q: How to become successful in dairy farming business?

A: Taking good care of the animals and good farm management can ensure good return from this business.

These are the common dairy farming FAQ. Hope you have learned a lot from this question and answer series. Good luck and may God bless you!

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