Gramapriya Chicken

The Gramapriya chicken is a multi-colored layer chicken breed from India. It was developed by the Project Directorate on Poultry based in Hyderabad. The breed was developed as a free range breed and also for the purpose of rural backyard rearing.

The Gramapriya chicken has a high favourability rating among the farmers in India, and it is best suited to preparation of ‘Tandoori’ type dishes. It is actually crossbred chicken which was developed by the Indian Government through a Hyderabad-based project under an All India Co-ordinated Research Project.

The Gramapriya chicken breed is very good for egg production and also very good for meat. The breed has been developed for backyard rearing and it is excellent for this purpose. However, read some more information about this beautiful chicken breed below.

Physical Characteristics of Gramapriya Chicken

There are actually two varieties of Gramapriya chicken namely white and colored variety. The white variety is very good for eggs production, and the colored variety is considered as a dual-purpose breed. The white variety can lay up to 200-225 eggs in 72 weeks.

While the colored variety lays less eggs than the white variety. The colored variety has promising multi-colored feature pattern and longer shanks. They have lower predator threat, moderate body weight, better dual-purpose birds and they produce brown colored eggs.

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Eggs of the Gramapriya chicken is of medium size, weighting around 55-60 grams. They gain body weight between 1.2 and 1.5 kg within their 12 weeks of age. Under free range condition, the Gramapriya hens can lay up to 150-160 eggs per year.


The Gramapriya chickens are very hardy and their livability is very high. They are pretty good for eggs production and considered as a good dual-purpose breed.

They are very hardy, active and alert. And they are best suited under free-range condition. The male bird’s meat is tender and very suitable especially for tandoori type preparations.

Overall performance of these birds can be further enhanced in free-range conditions with minimum supplementary feeding. However, review full breed profile of the Gramapriya chicken below.

Breed Name Gramapriya
Other Names None
Breed Prupose Dual-purpose
Breed Temperament Hardy, active, alert, long lived
Breed Size Medium
Broodiness Seldom
Comb King comb
Climate Tolerance Native climate
Eggs Color Brown
Eggs Size Medium
Egg Productivity Medium
Feathered Legs No
Rarity Available
Varieties White and colored
Country of Origin India

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