Best Dairy Goats

Best dairy goats are the dairy breeds which produce a good amount of milk during their lactating season. There are numerous milk producing goats available around the world. Goat milk is very healthy and nutritious.

So nowadays most of the people prefer to have one or a few milker goats for their daily family consumption.

Some Best Dairy Goats

There are many commercial dairy goat farms also available in almost all part around the globe. Commercial farm producers raise world famous and best dairy goats to have maximum milk production.

Usually milk producing goats are of large or standard sized. Nigerian dwarf goats are miniature but good milkers. However, here I am describing about some best dairy goats shortly.

Saanen Goats

Among the dairy goat breeds, Saanens are world famous for their highly milk production. They were originated form Switzerland.

According to the ‘American Dairy Goat Association’, on an average a Saanen goat can produce about 2,000 pounds of milk in a year. They are large sized dairy goat breed and have erect ears.

An adult Saanen goat weights around 135 pounds and become around 30 inches height at the shoulder. Their body color is mainly white or cream and suitable for raising in almost all countries.

Nubian Goats

Nubian goats are the result of cross breeding of English goats with African and Indiana goats. On an average, Nubians produce about 1,800 pounds of milk yearly (according to the ADGA).

Although milk production vary depending on the breeds and type of goats. They have long dropped ears and usually are of large sized breed. Their body color can be any and weights around 135 pounds.

Jamunapari Goats

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Jamunapari goats are good milkers and they were originated from India. They are very good milkers and can produce about 3.5 kg milk daily during their lactating season. They are large sized goat.

An adult buck heights around 90 to 125 cm and doe around 75 to 105 cm. An adult buck weights around 68 to 90 kg and doe around 35 to 60 kg. Jamunapari goats are also known as ‘poor man’s cow’ in India.

Alpine Goats

Alpine goats came to the U.S in the 1920s, but they were originated from the French Alps. They are good milkers and produce a large amount of milk yearly.

On an average, an Alpine goat can produce about 2,400 pounds of milk in a year (according to the ADGA). They are medium sized dairy goat breed. An adult goat weights around 135 pounds and become about 30 inches height at the shoulder like Saanens.

They are of various colored except pure white and light brown with white markings. They are also suitable for raising around the world.

LaMancha Goats

LaMancha goats are also a cross breed. They were originated through a cross between dairy goats and Nubians. They are good milkers and produce the same amount of milk yearly as Alpine goats produce.

They have tiny ears and usually a small sized breed. Adult goats weight around 130 pounds and become about 28 inches height at the shoulder. Their color vary and can be any color.

Toggenburg Goats

Toggenburgs are another best dairy goats. They were originated from the Swiss Alps. They have an average yearly milk production of around 2,000 pounds (according to the ADGA).

Usually Toggenburg is a small sized goat breed. They weight around 120 pounds and 26 inches in height at the shoulder. They have brown bodies from dark chocolate to fawn with white lines on the sides of their heads over their eyes.

Their lower legs are of white color and have white ears and their tails have white color on either side. Some people don’t like the milk of Toggenburg goats. Because their milk can taste and flavor distinctive.

Oberhasli Goats

Oberhasli are also among the best dairy goats and they were originated in Switzerland. They are very good in milk production and on an average they can produce about 2,250 pounds of milk yearly (according to the ADGA).

They are small to medium sized dairy goat breed and an adult goat weights around 120 pounds and become 28 inches height at the shoulder. Usually Oberhasli goats are of full black color.

Although you can see slightly different colored goats. Like the milk of Toggenburg goats, Oberhasil goat’s milk also has a distinctive taste and flavor.

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Nigerian dwarf is a small sized goat, originated in West Africa. They are the smallest among the available dairy goat breeds. On an average, they can produce more than 700 pounds of milk yearly (according to the ADGA).

They weight around 75 pounds and about 23 inches height at the shoulder. Some Nigerian dwarf goats have blue eyes and their body color can by any.

All of the above dairy goat breeds are good milkers. You can choose any of them for family or commercial milk production.

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