Murrah Buffalo: Characteristics, Origin, Uses

The Murrah buffalo is a breed of domestic water buffalo which was originated from India. It is a popular dairy buffalo breed and kept mainly for milk production.

The home tract of this breed is Fatehabad, Gurgaon, Jind, Jhajhar, Hisar and Rohtak districts of Haryana. The breed is also found in Nabha and Patiala districts of Punjab and around Delhi, and it is the pride of Haryana.

The Murrah buffalo is very popular and a very good milk producer not only in India but also probably in the world.

Today the breed is available in many countries around the world such as Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Phillippines, China, Malaysia, Nepal, Brazil, Ecuador and Azerbaijan.

The Govt. Haryana had launced an incentive cash prize for farmers to expand export of these animals.

The Murrah buffalo has been used to improve milk production of dairy buffalo in other countries such as Bulgaria, Egypt and Italy.

It is used for both meat and milk production in Brazil. However, read some more information about this very popular dairy buffalo breed below.

Murrah Buffalo Physical Characteristics

The Murrah buffalo is very beautiful in appearance. It is mainly jet black in color, but sometimes appear with white markings on the face or legs.

Generally they have short and tightly curved horns. Their eyes are black in color, slightly shrunken in males but active and prominent in females.

The females have long and thin neck, while the males have thick and massive neck. Their ears are short, alert and thin.

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The females have fully developed, drooping udder with teats equally distributed over the udder but hind teats are longer than fore teats.

Average body height of the mature bulls is around 142 cm at the withers, and around 132 cm for the cows.

Average live body weight of the mature Murrah buffalo is around 750 kg for bulls and around 650 kg for cows. Photo and info from Wikipedia.


The Murrah buffalo is a dairy breed, and it is raised mainly for milk production. But it is also used for meat production in some countries.

Special Notes

The Murrah buffalo are very good for milk production, and very popular around the world as a dairy animal.

Average milk production of a cow is around 2200 liters in a lactation period of 310 days. Daily milk production of a cow is around 14-15 kg, with a maximum recorded production of 31.5 kg.

First calving generally occur within 3 years of age. Generally average inter-calving period is between 400 and 500 days.

Currently it is a highly prized animal and sells for a high price in both domestic and foreign markets. However, review full breed profile of the Murrah buffalo in the table below.

Breed NameMurrah
Other NameNone
Breed PurposeMilk
Special NotesVery popular, very good for milk production, 14-15 liters average milk production, first calving generally occur within 3 years of age, 400-500 days of inter-calving period, sells for a high price in both domestic and foreign markets
Breed SizeLarge
BullsAround 750 kg
CowsAround 650 kg
Climate ToleranceAll climates
ColorJet black
Country/Place of OriginIndia

Frequently Asked Questions

People ask many questions about the buffalo breed Murrah. Here we are trying to list the most common questions about this buffalo breed, and trying to answer them. Hope you will find your answer. Don’t hesitate to ask us if you have more questions.

Is Murrah buffalo profitable?

Yes, Murrah is a highly milk productive buffalo breed and raising them is a profitable business.

Which buffalo gives highest milk?

Murrah is the highest milk producing buffalo breeds.

How many liters of milk does a Murrah buffalo give?

Average milk production of the Murrah buffalo can vary from 10 to 15 kg daily. And the production range from 2500 to 3600 liters of milk per lactation.

What is the price of Murrah buffalo in India?

Exact price of a Murrah buffalo can vary from place to place and depends on numerous factors. But on an average, you can expect the price between INR 50,000 and INR 1,00,000 in India.

How many months Murrah buffalo give milk?

Average lactation length of the Murrah is about 300 days.

What is the feed of Murrah buffalo?

You can feed your Murrah with regular feeds which includes grass, hay, grains etc.

How many years does a Murrah buffalo give?

Average lifespan of a Murrah buffalo is around or up to 12 years.

What are the main characteristics of Murrah buffalo?

Murrah breed of buffaloes have a massive body, neck and head comparatively long, horns short and tightly curved, udder well developed, hips broad and fore and hind quarters drooping. The tail is long reaching up to the fetlocks.

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