Artificial Insemination

In which method the artificially collected semen kept in the uterus of cow is called artificial insemination. The calf produced in this method contain 50% suchness of hybrid ox. By artificially inseminating of this new cow it will produce a new calf which contain 75% suchness of ox. It takes 8-9 years to produce fully hybrid cow through artificial insemination. The cow containing 75% suchness of hybrid cow is suitable for rearing according to the weather condition and management system of our country.
Usefulness of Artificial Insemination
  • We can get hybrid calf within short time.
  • Produce more meat and milk.
  • We can get strong and operative cows.
  • We can increase our income.
  • Unemployment problem can be eradicated.
  • We can increase the production of protein.
Purpose of Artificial Insemination
  • Producing hybrid cow in low cost and short time.
  • Making source of employment.
  • Meet up the demand of meat and milk.
  • Produce strong cow for cultivation.
  • For increasing the production of protein.
  • Facing the insemination lacking and many diseases.
  • Produce calf according to our choice.
  • Advantages of Artificial Insemination.
  • Up to 300-400 cows can be inseminated by collecting semen from ox once.
  • We can get high productive cows by using the semen of hybrid ox.
  • The semen can preserved for many years.
  • Artificial insemination helps to prevent different types of disease.
  • No need to raise so many ox, as a result rearing cost of ox get reduced.
  • Increases the probability and rate of pregnancy.
  • No risk of accident.
  • The semen can transported anywhere throughout the world.
  • High productive cow can produce by mixing various species together.
  • Artificial process takes less time to inseminate the cow.
  • Productivity of local species can be developed by artificial insemination.
Difficulty of Artificial Insemination
  • Expert person needed for inseminating and collecting semen.
  • Requires physical cleanliness.
  • It will be best if insemination process done within 12-18 hours of excitement. So find out the actual excitement time carefully.
  • The ox needs more care and management which is used for collecting semen.
  • The price of equipment used for artificial insemination of cattle is very high.
  • The cow will not be pregnant if there any fault in artificial insemination method.
  • Requires very expert person.
  • This process can’t prevent disease or any other difficulties.
  • Detect the right excitement period otherwise inseminating in wrong time will result bad.
  • Select the suitable ox, otherwise it will hinder the main purpose of artificial insemination.
  • It is very difficult to find out the proper excitement time of cow.
  • Equipments used in this process needs to keep clean and germ free always.
  • It is very difficult to transport the semen in adverse weather condition.
  • The semen loos its potency if it not transported or preserved in proper way.
  • Using semen of disease affected ox is very harmful for cow.
Causes of Failure in Artificial Insemination
  • By not inseminating in correct method.
  • Inseminating by damaged semen.
  • By inseminating the cow in primary and final excitement period.
  • Inseminating in rubbish environment.
  • Not using germ free equipment.
  • Lack of care and management during artificial insemination.
Duties of Successful Artificial Insemination
  • Collect the semen from ox in hygienic method.
  • Preserve and transport the semen properly.
  • Ensure the quality of semen through experiment.
  • Keep the insemination center from all types of pollution.
  • Clean the equipment with germicide before using.
  • Make sure about the proper excitement of the cow.
  • Inseminate the cow regularly in due time.
  • Inseminate them in correct artificial insemination method.

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