Poultry Farming in Bangladesh

There is a great market for commercial poultry farming in Bangladesh. And it is already an established business opportunity. The economic system of Bangladesh is mostly dependent on agriculture and agricultural related production. Poultry products like meat and eggs are the main source of animal protein for Bangladeshi people.

Chickens are the common and mostly raised poultry birds of Bangladesh. Along with chickens, raising some other poultry birds like quails, turkeys, ducks, pigeons, peacocks etc. are also gaining popularity day by day. I am describing here the benefits of poultry farming in Bangladesh and the steps for starting this business commercially.

Benefits of Poultry Farming in Bangladesh

Poultry farming is a lucrative business. And there are some advantages of starting this business. The main benefits of starting poultry farming in Bangladesh are listed below.

  • Poultry farming in Bangladesh is a very profitable business for both individuals and Entrepreneurs.
  • Huge demand of poultry products inside the country. So, you don’t have to worry about marketing your products.
  • There are no religious taboos for consuming any poultry birds meat and eggs in Bangladesh.
  • Poultry farming in Bangladesh is such a great business that can never dry up.
  • Commercial poultry farming can create an employment opportunities for the job seeking unemployed educated people. Even, the women can also start raising some poultry birds in small scale farming system. This will ensure the availability of necessary nutrition for the family and help them by making some extra income.
  • Nowadays, there are numerous highly productive poultry breeds are available that are very suitable for commercial production.
  • Commercial poultry farming business has a great ROI (returns of investment) ratio. That means you will get good returns of your total investment.
  • You need some capital or initial investment for starting commercial poultry farming in Bangladesh. If you don’t have the capital then you can apply for bank loan. There are many banks available in Bangladesh which will give you bank loan happily with a very little interest. You can also get some loan from various non-govt NGO’s.
  • In a word, poultry farming in Bangladesh is absolutely a great business. Especially very suitable for educated job seekers. Because, employment opportunities are decreasing day by day due to rapid population growth. So, commercial poultry farming is a great income and employment source along with being self dependent.

Start Commercial Poultry Farming in Bangladesh

Starting a poultry farming business relatively easy. You need to follow some necessary steps for starting commercial poultry farming business.

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Here we are trying to describe the necessary steps for starting commercial poultry farming in Bangladesh.

Selecting Farm Location

The first step for starting poultry farming in Bangladesh is the selection of a suitable location. You can start raising poultry in your home or in a separate place that is in quiet place and far from your home.

Buying land is the most expensive part of commercial poultry farming business. It would be better if you own the land. This will decrease initial investment. While selecting land for starting, keep in mind the followings.

  • Select a calm and quiet place which is free from all types of chaos and noise.
  • The size of land depends on your current number of birds and future plan.
  • Selecting a land far from the cites will be effective for your production.
  • While selecting, try to choose an area with fresh and pollution free environment.
  • Rural area is perfect for setting up commercial poultry farming business in Bangladesh. Because, you can find land and labor in rural area easily and cheaply than urban areas.
  • Never try to establish poultry farm in a piece of rented land. It would be better if you have the land of your own.
  • A great source of sufficient clean and fresh water in the farm area.
  • The selected area must have to be free from all types of predators and harmful animals.
  • Proper transportation system will be very effective.
  • A suitable market near the farm for selling your products and buying necessary commodities.

Select Suitable Farming System

Following three systems are suitable for commercial poultry farming in Bangladesh. According to the climate of Bangladesh the most effective farming systems are

  • Extensive system,
  • Semi-intensive system and
  • Intensive poultry farming system.

Select Highly Productive Poultry Breeds

There are numerous highly productive poultry breeds available throughout the globe. Some of those are very suitable for commercial purpose according to the weather and climate of Bangladesh.

You can start raising poultry for meat and egg production. Choose proper breed for your desired production.

You can contact with your nearest poultry producer or any expert in this industry to learn about which breeds are producing more. Mostly raised and common poultry breeds in Bangladesh are listed below.

  • Broilers: Broilers are highly meat productive commercial poultry breeds. They are raised mainly for their meat production. They grow faster by consuming a certain amount of food. They convert the food into meat and converting ratio is also very good.
  • Cockerels: Cockerels are another meat productive poultry breeds. They also raised commercially for meat production. But their growing rate is very slow. Generally they grow slowly than any other commercial meat producing poultry breeds. They become very hardy and has a special demand in the market.
  • Layers: Layers are used for commercial egg production. There are some layer poultry breeds available which can lay more than 280-320 eggs annually. After finishing profitable egg production stage, you can sell them for slaughtering purpose.
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Choose any of the above breeds according to your desired production and available facilities.

Also keep in mind your local market while choosing effective poultry breeds for farming. Visit your nearest market and try to understand which product has huge demand.


Free range poultry farming require large farm area. And it is not suitable for large scale poultry farming in Bangladesh.

So, you have to make a suitable house for your poultry birds so that they can be kept inside the house all time. Design of poultry house vary according to the breed and farming system.

While making a poultry house consider the followings and learn more about how to build a poultry house.

  • Proper ventilation system is a must for good health of poultry birds. So, make your poultry house well ventilated.
  • Keep essential facilities for entrancing sufficient amount of fresh and clean air and light inside the house.
  • Try to make south faced house. This will ensure flow of sufficient fresh air and help to prevent cold north air.
  • In case of making numerous house in large scale commercial production, try to keep at least 40 feet distance from one house to another house.
  • Clean the house perfectly before bringing the chicks into the farm.
  • Ensure that, your house is free from all types of predators and harmful animals.
  • Keep proper facility for preventing rain water and cold wind in winter season.
  • It would be better, if the house located in a calm and quite place.
  • Make proper drainage system inside the house so that you can easily clean the house.
  • And keep all other facilities which are necessary for good poultry health and better production.


Good and high quality nutritious feeding ensure maximum production. So, always try to feed your birds fresh and nutritious food. You can feed your birds commercial poultry feeds.

This type of feeds are available in the market. Various types of feeds are available in the market according to the breed and age of poultry birds.

If you want to feed your birds home made food, then you have to buy all necessary nutritious feed ingredients separately and mix it before feeding it to your poultry birds.

Care & Management

Diseases are the main threat of poultry farming business. So, special care and managements are must. Always vaccinate the bird timely.

Never feed them polluted or contaminated foods. Keep a storage of necessary medicines. And always try to take good care of them.


Marketing is the easiest steps of poultry farming in Bangladesh. You can easily sell your products in your nearest local market. Nowadays, Bangladesh is earning some foreign money by exporting poultry products.

Poultry farming is really a lucrative business. It can play a great role for eradicating poverty and unemployment problems. If you want to start poultry farming in Bangladesh, then try to learn more about poultry farming and visit some farms to gather some practical experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

People ask many questions about poultry farming in Bangladesh. Here we are listing the most common questions about this profitable business, and trying to answer them. Hope you will find your answer. Don’t hesitate to ask us if you have more questions.

Is poultry farming a profitable business in Bangladesh?

Yes, commercial poultry farming is a very profitable business in Bangladesh. You can start this business for making money.

How to start poultry farming business in Bangladesh?

Starting a commercial poultry production in Bangladesh is very easy and simple. You can easily start this business if you follow these simple steps:

  • First of all, make an effective business plan and work according to the plan.
  • Then select a very good location for your farm.
  • Determine your production purpose and determine what you want to produce.
  • Select the right breed depending on your production purpose.
  • Make a very good house for your birds.
  • Purchase good quality and healthy birds.
  • Feed your birds with good quality and nutritious food.
  • Provide them with required vaccinations and medicines.
  • And always try to take good care of your birds.

How many poultry farms are there in Bangladesh?

It’s not possible to tell the exact number. But currently, there are around 18,000 layer farms in Bangladesh.

What is the price of farm chicken in Bangladesh?

In the wholesale markets now, broiler chicken is sold at Tk 150-175 per kg, Sonali chicken Tk 320. Layer chicken was sold at Tk 220-230 per kg and a dozen eggs at Tk 80-85. Exact price can vary from time to time and place to place.

Does Bangladesh export chicken?

Yes, Bangladesh exports chicken to Singapore and United States.

How much are eggs in Bangladesh?

Price of a dozen of eggs is Tk 80-85. Although, exact price can vary from time to time and also depends on your location.

What is the demand of eggs in Bangladesh?

Demand of the eggs is very high in the Bangladeshi market. About or up to 4 crore eggs are required daily to meet the national demand.

Which poultry feed is best in Bangladesh?

Some best poultry feed producers in Bangladesh are ACI Godreg Agrovet Private Limited, Nourish Poultry & Hatchery Limited, Kazi Farms Limited, Provita Feed & Hatcheries Limited etc.

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