Quail Farming

Commercial quail farming business has become a very popular business for making high profits. Because, quails are smaller sized birds but they are highly meat and egg productive creatures. As far as we have experienced, quail farming business is very easy, lucrative and entertaining. Anyone can start this business with little investment.

Commercial quail farming is not a new business idea, rather it is an old business and many people are doing this in many countries around the world.

Commercial quail farming in Japan has spread tremendously. Not only Japan, but also other people throughout the world doing quail farming business commercially for the purpose of meat and egg production. Quail farming is a very profitable business like other livestock farming ventures, such as chicken, turkey or duck farming business.

Commercial quail rearing is mainly popular for the quality of meat and eggs and the easy process of caring these birds. Quail eggs are very nutritious than other poultry eggs. Because quail eggs contain comparatively more protein, phosphorus, iron, vitamin A, B1 and B2.

Commercial quail farming can play a vital role to meet up the food and nutrition demand. At the same time it can be a good good source of employment and income for the rural people.

Essential Steps for Starting and Operating a Successful Quail Farming Business

Starting a small scale or commercial quail farming business is relatively easy and simple. Even the beginners can start this lucrative business. Quails are smaller sized poultry birds, so it’s very easy to establish a quail farm.

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However, here we are trying to shortly describing every steps for starting and operating a successful quail rearing and breeding business.

Step 1: Gather Practical Knowledge First

Practical knowledge or experience is very important for running a successful quail farm and also for generating more profits from it. So, you have to gather practical knowledge and experience before starting commercial production. You can learn practically either from an experienced farmer, or from any courses available online or offline.

You can also complete a quail farming training from where you can learn the basics of quail farming business. The main way to receive quail farming training is to research the available programs in your area. Look for training programs offered by government agencies, universities, and agricultural organizations within your area.

You can also search for online courses and tutorials that teach the basics of quail farming. Currently, YouTube is also playing a very good role in educating people throughout the world in various subjects.

Step 2: Make an Effective Business Plan

Try to make a proper quail farming business plan before starting, and work according to the plan. Making a good and effective business plan is very important for a successful quail farming business. A proper business plan should include breeds, housing, feeding, caring and marketing strategies.

You can prepare the plan yourself. But, you can also ask for help from an expert if you are a beginner in this business. We recommend consulting with some existing farmers before making your business plan.

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Step 3: Select a Good Location

Choosing a good location with all required facilities is very important for operating a successful quail farming business. Consider the climate and weather conditions in the selected area. Because quails are sensitive to temperature extremes.

Try to select the location closer to a market. Doing this will help to reduce transportation costs and increase the freshness of the products. Consider zoning regulations before selecting a location for your farm. Also consider these factors while choosing the location:

  • Price of land
  • Access to water
  • Proximity to suppliers
  • Security
  • Environmental factors
  • Infrastructure
  • Soil quality
  • Possibility of future expansion etc.

​Step 4: Determine the Products You Want to Produce

Quails are mainly raised for their meat and eggs. So, determine the product you want to produce from your farm before starting. Quail eggs are gaining popularity gradually, and you can start rearing quails for egg production.

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Quail meat production is also very profitable, but you have to be sure about the market of meat in your area. Broiler quails grow faster and raising them for meat is also very profitable.

Step 5: Select Good Breed Depending on Your Production Purpose

There are numerous quail breeds available throughout the world. But all of these breeds are not good for commercial quail farming business. So, you have to choose the right breed depending on your production purpose. Some common and popular quail breeds are:

  1. Coturnix
  2. Bobwhite
  3. California
  4. Gambel’s and
  5. Japanese

You can choose any of the above breeds depending on the availability in your area.

Step 6: Purchase Necessary Equipment

Like many other livestock farming businesses, quail farming also requires some equipment. These equipment are required to ensure the efficient and healthy raising of quails. Here we are listing the most common and essential quail farming equipment.

  • Cages
  • Feeders
  • Waterers
  • Brooders
  • Incubators
  • Egg trays
  • Egg handling supplies
  • Lighting equipment
  • Bedding material
  • Waste disposal system
  • Feed storage bins
  • Quail nets or catching equipment
  • Scale
  • Record keeping tools or accessories
  • First aid kit
  • Pest control supplies
  • Transport crates
  • Ventilation system
  • Cleaning tools and disinfectants

Step 7: Purchase Good Quality Chicks

Purchasing good quality and healthy quail chicks is very important for the success of your quail farming business. So, try to purchase good quality and healthy quail chicks from reputable breeders or suppliers in your area.

Step 8: Ensure Good Housing Facility

Quails are very strong and hardy birds, and their housing requirement is very minimum. Although, providing good housing facilities for them will ensure their good health and this will ultimately increase eggs or meat production.

You can raise quails either in an indoor or outdoor system. Whichever system you choose, you have to ensure enough space is available with all other required facilities. The measurement of the house can be any depending on your land and the number of birds you are raising.

Quails are smaller sized birds and you can easily raise them in cages. Overall farm management is very easy in a cage system. Diseases and other health problems are also very less in this system. So, you can definitely go with this system.

Always try to clean the house timely, and arrange a proper lighting system inside the house. Installing a good ventilation system is also a must.

Step 9: Provide Your Birds With Nutritious Food

Providing your birds with very good quality, balanced and nutritious food is another most important part of a successful quail farming business. Good food not only keeps the birds healthy, but also helps them to stay active and produce more.

Ensure their diet contains 20 to 24 percent protein and 40 to 50 percent carbohydrates. Also ensure the food contains a small amount of fat and adequate amount of vitamins and minerals.

You can feed your birds either with homemade or commercial feeds depending on the availability in your area. Feeding your birds with a commercial quail feed can be a good option for you if you are a beginner and not sure how to make their feed.

Try to maintain a regular schedule for feeding your birds. Doing this is very important to maintain consistent growth and egg production. Although, the exact feeding schedule depends on the age of the birds, and also on the type of feed you are using. For example, young quail may need to be fed more frequently than adult quail.

And along with providing your birds with very good quality and nutritious food, always try to provide them with enough fresh and clean drinking water. Change the water daily, and if possible clean the waterer on a regular basis.

​Step 10: Practice Good Breeding Management

Quails are naturally very good breeders. They will breed easily and will produce enough fertile eggs for hatching if you keep a good ratio of male and female quails in your farm.

Generally, quails can start breeding as early as 6-8 weeks of age, but it’s recommended to wait until they are at least 12-14 weeks old before breeding. At this age, quail become mature and ready to mate.

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Generally one male bird is enough to breed two or three females. This ratio will ensure that each female is adequately fertilized and will help prevent fighting among the males.

Step 11: Always Try to Take Good Care of the Birds

Taking good care of the birds is very important for a successful quail farming business. Quails are very hardy birds, and they generally require less caring. Although, taking good care will help the birds to grow better and produce more.

Monitor your bird’s health on a regular basis, and take necessary steps if you notice anything unusual. Vaccinate your birds timely, and always try to keep good contact with a vet in your area. Stock some necessary drugs. Never feed your birds with contaminated feeds and polluted water.

However, quail caring is an important aspect of quail farming. Proper care and management are necessary for the health and productivity of your birds. Here are the basics of quail caring and what to consider when caring for your flock.

To keep your quails healthy and productive, follow the hygienic quail farming method which are mentioned below.

  • Always try to keep their house dry and clean.
  • Ensure proper movement of light and air inside their house.
  • Keep different aged quails separated from each other.
  • Separate the disease affected quails from the healthy one.
  • Burn the dead bird or put it under soil.
  • Don’t allow other birds, animals or unknown persons to enter inside your farm quail house.
  • Ensure hygienic and balanced feed supply.
  • Provide adequate fresh and clean water according to their demand.

Step 12: Marketing Your Products

Quail meat and eggs are very tasty and highly enriched with nutrient elements. So there is already an established market for quail products in some areas. As quail birds and their eggs are small in size, so it is cheap in price and all types of people can purchase. So you don’t have to worry much about marketing your products.

You can easily sell the eggs and meat in your local market. But it will be better if you determine your marketing strategies before starting this business. Because all places around the world have not the same marketing facilities.

Whether you are selling quail meat, eggs, or other products, effective marketing strategies can help you reach your target audience and increase sales.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are many questions people often ask which are related to quail farming. Here we are trying to list the most common questions about successful quail farming business. We hope you will find answers to your questions. Don’t hesitate to ask us if you have more questions.

What is quail farming?

Before discussing more about commercial quail farming business, let us first explain ‘what is quail farming‘? Actually the term ‘quail farming‘ means, raising quails commercially (like other poultry birds) for the purpose of profitable eggs and meat production.

Why raising quails?

Quails are very smaller sized birds. An adult quail weights between 150 to 200 grams and an egg weights around 7 to 15 grams. Female quails start laying eggs within their 6 to 7 weeks of age and continuously lay one egg daily.

They lay about 300 eggs in their first year of life. After that they produce about 150 to 175 eggs in second year. Eggs production gradually decrease after their first year of laying period.

Quail egg is very suitable for human health. It contains 2.47 % less fat than chicken egg. Many people believe that ‘quail eggs help to prevent blood pressure, diabetic, pant etc’.

Quail meat is very tasty and nutritious. Fat is very low in their meat. So quail meat is very suitable for blood pressure patients. Eggs are very beautiful with multiple color. Quails do not incubate their eggs. So you have to use an incubator or brooder chickens for hatching their eggs.

What are the advantages of quail farming business?

Quails are smaller sized poultry birds, and it’s very easy to handle them. The main benefits of starting quail farming business are listed below.

  • Quails are smaller sized bird, so they can be raised within small place.
  • Feeding cost of quails are comparatively lower than chickens or other poultry birds.
  • Diseases are less in quails, and they are very hardy.
  • Quails grow very fast and gain maturity faster than any other poultry birds.
  • They start laying eggs within their 6 to 7 weeks of age.
  • It takes about 16 to 18 days to hatch their eggs.
  • Meat and eggs of quail are very tasty, delicious and nutritious. So it’s a great source of food and nutrition.
  • Quail farming needs small capital, and labor cost is very low.
  • Quails can be raised successfully in commercial method. Some people have already started commercial quail farming business.
  • Quails are very strong bird and diseases or other health problems are less. So risks are less in this business.
  • Quail meat contain less fat. So, it is suitable for high blood pressure patients.
  • Their food to meat or eggs converting efficiency is satisfactory. They can produce one kg meat or eggs by consuming three kg food.
  • You can raise 6 to 7 quails in the same place that is required for one chicken.
  • As the quail eggs are smaller in size, so the price is also lower than other bird’s egg. As a result, all types of people can buy quail eggs and you can easily sell the eggs.
  • As the primary costs are less, so you can start this business with a very little investment.
  • You can raise about 6 to 8 quails within 0.91 squire meter area.
  • As it is a lucrative business venture, so commercial quail farming business can be a great source of income and employment for the unemployed educated people. Even, you can start raising a few quails along with your current profession.

Is quail farming business profitable?

Is raising quails commercially is very profitable. Quails are amazing birds. They require less space and less food, but produce high quality meat and eggs. So, if you have good facilities for marketing quail products (meat and eggs) then your production will be highly profitable.

How to start quail farming business?

Starting a profitable quail farming business is very easy and simple. First of all, you have to make very good and secure housing system for your birds. Then purchase chicks from any of your local suppliers, feed them good quality poultry feed and fresh water and always try to take good care of them. And finally, your birds will start laying small colorful eggs.

How many eggs do quail lay per month?

The most popular Coturnix quail lay one eggs almost daily. On an average, a quail can lay about 300 eggs per year.

Is quail farming profitable in Nigeria?

Yes, commercial quail farming is definitely a profitable business in Nigeria. But you have to have good marketing facilities for making this business highly profitable. So, ensure the quail products have good demand and value in your area. Determine your marketing strategies before starting this business.

How fast do quail grow?

Quails grow relatively faster, and they generally reach maturity within their 6 weeks of age.

How many times a day do you feed quails?

In commercial farms, the quails are generally feed twice a day.

What food does quail eat?

In commercial production, the quails are feed with layer poultry feeds. Actually, quails are considered omnivores and they eat both plant-based and animal-based food.

How do quail farmers make money?

Quail farmers usually make money by selling quail eggs and meat.

Is there a market for quail?

Yes, and the market is growing continuously. Both meat and eggs of quail are becoming popular gradually.

What month do quail lay eggs?

The Coturnix quails lay eggs throughout the year in commercial farms.

How long do quails live for?

Average lifespan of the farm quails is between 3 and 6 years.

Can quail live with chickens?

Yes, you can keep quails with your chickens. But quails are good escape artists. So, you have to make the house highly secure. And having a separate coop section inside the house for the quails will be very good.

How many quail should I start with?

Depends on your budget. You can start with just 10 birds or as many as hundreds or even thousands of birds.

How many quail can I keep together?

If you raise the quails in cage system, then we recommend having no more than 10 quails in one cage. But if you raise them in floor system, then there is actually no limits.

How do you give quail water?

You can use either nipple waterers or poultry cups for providing water to your birds. One nipple or cup should be provided for every 5 birds.

Do quail eat rice?

Yes, they can eat rice.

Is there a demand for quail?

Please visit any of your local or nearest poultry market, and try to understand the demand for quail in your area.

How hard is it to raise quails?

Raising quails is very easy and simple. Even the beginners can also raise them easily.

Is quail healthier than chicken?

Yes, quail products are healthier than chicken products.

Do quails lay eggs without a male?

Yes, they will lay eggs without males. Actually, males have no function in eggs production. Males are only necessary only if you want to produce fertilized eggs for hatching.

Do quails fly away?

Yes, quails will fly away if they get the chance to do so.

Do quails eat worms?

Yes, obviously, and will love to have some worms.

Do quail need sunlight?

Thousands are quails in commercial farms are raised without sunlight.

What bedding do you use for quails?

You can use the low cost and easily available materials for bedding. You can use grass hay, straw, pine shavings or even sand.

At what age do quails start laying eggs?

The quails generally become mature within their 6 weeks of age. And the Coturnix quail generally start laying eggs within their 7 weeks of age.

What is the price of quail eggs?

Exact price greatly vary from place to place. So, visit your nearest stores for latest price.

What temperature do quail need?

37.7°C for their fist week, 35°C in the second week and 32.2°C in the third week. And from their 4 weeks of age, they will be able to survive normal room temperature.

What is the best food for quail?

Commercial layer chicken food will be best for the laying quails.

What do quail eat naturally?

The wild quails will naturally forage grains and seeds and finish their diet with insects, plants, small nuts, and berries.

What vegetables do quails eat?

Lettuce, broccoli, clover, lotus, celery, radish, peas etc.

What grains do quails eat?

Wheat, broken rice, cracked corn, rye, barley, millet etc.

What seeds do quails eat?

Ragweed, foxtail, annual broomweed, queen’s-delight, plains bristlegrass etc.

How much food do quail eat per day?

Quails are smaller in size, and they generally require less food. 20-30 grams food a day will be enough for a mature quail.

What is the biggest breed of quail?

Mountain quail is the largest quail.

What is the benefits of quail eggs?

Quail eggs are more nutritious than the chicken eggs. A single quail egg provides a significant chunk of your daily vitamin B12, selenium, riboflavin, and choline needs, along with some iron. And one egg contains only 14 calories.

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