Best English Poultry Breeds Raised in English World

There are many highly productive English poultry breeds available. English poultry breeds become medium in sized.

Legs are covered with feathers. Famous for both egg and meat production. Their skin become white colored. Lobe become red colored.

Almost all English poultry breeds lay brown colored eggs. The name and characteristics of some English poultry breeds are described below.


  • Australorp poultry breeds are very famous throughout the world for their egg production.
  • They also produce meat highly.
  • Their body is wide and weight high.
  • There is a medium sized crest over their head.
  • Lay about 200 to 250 eggs yearly.
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  • An adult rooster weights about 4 kg and hen weights about 3 kg.
  • Their skin is white colored.
  • The body of this types of chicken become straight and very strong.
  • There are no feathers in their legs.
  • Eggshell become brown colored.
  • Their feathers become bright greeny black colored.


  • Cornish have four variant. Black Cornish, white Cornish, white led Cornish and buff cornish.
  • An adult rooster weights about 5 kg and hen about 4 kg.
  • Neck is comparatively long than their body.
  • This breed is very popular for meat production.
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  • The original name of this breed is “Indian Game”.
  • Cornish is used for producing broiler strain.
  • Their body is very fleshy and strong.
  • Their crest is like pea comb.
  • Lobe is red colored.
  • Their legs are featherless.
  • Skin of their body is yellow colored.
  • Their feathers are very small.
  • Eggshell is brown colored.


  • Head crest of Dorking chicken is single.
  • Lobe is red colored.
  • Lay white colored eggs.
  • They have five finger in their feet. Three in the front side and two in back side.
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  • An adult rooster weights about 4 kg.
  • An adult Dorking hen weights about 3.5 kg.
  • Comb is very beautiful.


  • Feathers of Orpington chicken become white, buff, blue and black colored.
  • They contain single crest in their head.
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  • Eggs are brown colored.
  • An adult Orpington rooster weights between 4.75 kg to 5.25 kg.
  • An adult Orpington hen weights about 4.5 kg.
  • Their comb is pea comb.
  • Their eggs become big sized.


  • The feathers of Sussex chicken is white colored. But some feathers of their neck and tail become black colored.
  • They also lay good amount of eggs in summer season.
  • An adult Sussex rooster weights about 4.5 kg and hen weights about 3.5 kg.
  • This chickens are suitable for raising for both meat and egg production.
Sussex, sussex chicken
  • Lobe is red colored.
  • No feathers in their legs.
  • Skin is white colored.
  • Eggshell become brown colored.

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