Jamunapari Goat Farming

Jamunapari goat farming is very popular in India. It is a very beautiful and productive Indian goat breed, and it’s popularity is increasing India and some other South Asian countries.

Along with India, the jamunapari goat is also available in Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan, and the breed has been exported to Indonesia since 1953 (where they have been a great success).

The jamunapari goat is actually a dual-purpose goat breed and good for both meat and milk production. But the breed is mainly used for milk production in India.

Jamunapari goats are very suitable for the climate of Indian sub-continent. And they are also suitable for stall fed goat farming system.

Commercial jamunapari goat farming can be a very good business, specially in India or in some other South Asian countries.

How to Start Jamunapari Goat Farming

Starting jamunapari goat farming business is just like starting goat farming business with any other breed. You have to purchase good quality animals, make good shelter for your animals, feed your animals with high quality feeds and also have to take good care of them. Here we are trying to describe more about all the steps for starting and operating a successful goat farming business.

Purchase Goats

First of all, try to purchase very good quality and purebred jamunapari goats from any of your nearest farms or livestock markets.

You can also search your local online classifieds for selecting and purchasing goats. Always try to purchase good quality and healthy animals.

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In the rural conditions of India, the jamunapari goats are generally kept under extensive management system. They generally browse about 7-12 hours in a day and stay inside house only at night. So their housing requirements are less.

But for stall fed goat farming system, you have to keep the goats inside the house for all the time. So they will require all facilities inside their house. As a medium sized breed, around 12 square feet space will be good for each goat.

Raised (above from the ground) house is considered good for jamunapari goat farming business. And the house can be made of wood, bamboo or concrete. Ensure good ventilation system inside the house and always try to keep the floor dry. And make separate room for the breeding bucks and pregnant and nursing does.


In rural conditions, the jamunapari goats spend most of their time grazing. But for commercial jamunapari goat farming business, you have to feed them with concentrated and nutritious feeds. Jamunapari goats love both greens and grains, so ensure a balance between greens and grains while feeding your goats.

Feed special foods to your breeding bucks and nursing and pregnant does. And also provide your goats with enough fresh and clean water.


The jamunapari goats are naturally very good breeders. Their conception rate are very high (nearly 90 percent). Their average first conception age is around 18 months. Triplets and quadruplets are very common in jamunapari goats.


Along with providing good housing and feeding good quality feeds, the jamunapari goats also require additional caring for better growth and maximum production. Vaccinate and de-worm your goats timely. Take extra care of the breeding bucks. And also take extra care of the pregnant and nursing does.


Marketing goat products is not a problem. You can easily sell your products in your local or any nearest market. Although, you should set your marketing strategies before starting jamunapari goat farming business.

These are the steps for starting and operating jamunapari goat farming business. Hope this guide has helped you a lot! Good luck & may God bless you!

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