Sirohi Goat Farming

Commercial sirohi goat farming business is becoming popular day by day, especially in India. It is an Indian goat breed and very suitable for commercial production.

The sirohi goats are medium to large in size and they are very suitable for commercial production.

The sirohi goat is native to the Sirohi district of Rajasthan state of India. But today the breed is available throughout India, and also available in some other South Asian countries.

The sirohi goats are generally raised under extensive grazing system in commercial farms, and most of the flocks are kept confined. Some small scale rural farmers used to migrate their flocks seasonally to nearby areas in search of food and water (the flock size can vary from 10-200 goats).

The sirohi goats are also very suitable for stall fed goat farming system. And commercial sirohi goat farming business in stall fed system can be very profitable. Goat meat is popular throughout the world. So commercial sirohi goat farming can be a very good and profitable business.

How to Start Sirohi Goat Farming

Starting sirohi goat farming business is just like starting any other goat farming business. You have to select very good quality animals, make good house for the animals and also have to provide them good foods. However, here we are trying to describe more information about starting sirohi goat farming business.

Purchase Goats

First of all, purchase good quality and healthy animals for starting your farm. You can search any of your nearest livestock market or existing farms. You can also search your local online classifieds for selecting and purchasing good quality animals.

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Good and clean housing environment ensures good growth and health of the animals. So making a good house which will be comfortable for the goats is very important. As a medium to large size goat breed, 10-15 square feet housing space per goat will be good.

The sirohi goats are very good for stall fed system, so if you want to raise them in stall fed system then you will need about 20-30 square feet playing space per animal. Ensure good ventilation system inside the house. Raised house which are up from the ground are generally considered good for sirohi goat farming business.

And also make the house in such a way so that you can clean the house easily. Concrete or litter floor is also good for raising sirohi goats.


Good foods ensure good health and growth of the animals. So feeding the animals with very good quality foods is very important. Sirohi goats generally prefer both greens and grains. And it’s very important to feed them with additional supplementary feeds.

Currently commercial ready-made meat goat feeds are available in the market. And you can feed your goats with such feeds (although you can make it of your own). Learn more about feeding meat goats.

Along with providing quality feeds, the sirohi goats also require vitamins and mineral premix. Consult with a vet in your area for better recommendation. And always provide your goats with enough fresh and clean water.


Breeding sirohi goats is very easy and simple. Natural breeding is generally practiced instead of artificial breeding system. Generally one buck is enough for breeding 30-35 does. The breeding bucks generally require special caring for producing healthy and productive kids. After successful breeding, average gestation period of the does is about 150 days.


Taking additional care along with providing good shelter and feeding quality feeds will ensure very good results. Vaccinate your goats timely and try to control both internal and external parasites. Consult with a vet in your area for better recommendation.

Take extra care of the breeding bucks and does. Keep the breeding bucks separated from the flock. And also keep the pregnant and nursing does separated.


The main advantages of starting sirohi goat farming business is the good marketing facilities. You can easily sell your products in your local or nearest market. Goat meat has high demand and value in the market. So you will be able to easily sell your products in the market.

These are the common steps for starting and operating a successful sirohi goat farming business. Hope this guide has helped you! Good luck & may God bless you!

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