Goat Legs

Goat legs are among the most useful parts of a goat’s body. These legs play a very important role in a goat’s life. However, before discussing more about goat legs, let us discuss some more information about ‘Goat‘.

Goat is actually a very hardy and domesticated ruminant mammal that has multi-utility. It is kept for it’s milk, meat, skin and it is noted for it’s lively behavior.

Goat Legs

Goat legs are long, and they hold total body weight of a goat. The goat legs are divided into many parts and these parts are known by many different names.


Hinged foreleg joint near lower line of chest is known as elbow. It should be set close to ribs.


Escutcheon is arch between hind legs, above scrotum in bucks, and below tail and vulva in does.


Lower part of both front and rear legs are called hoof that are in direct contact with ground when standing and walking. Hoof is also called feet. And the hoof of the goat should be well-shaped, proportioned to the size of the animal.

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Dual, non-functional, cone-like growths of protein on back of front and rear legs above pastern is called dewclaw.


Hinged joint of foreleg about midway between elbow and foot is called knee. It should be cleanly molded and not enlarged.

Hid Legs

Rear goat legs are called hind legs. They should be strong, straight, wide apart and squarely set. They are well angulated, parallel and aligned with hip with bone that is flat and flinty.


Back part of front and rear foot is called heel. The heel should be deep and even with toe hoof.


Rear leg joint rear lower line of flank is called stifle. It should be well angulated and track smoothly and close to the body.


Widest portion of rear legs is called thigh, and they are positioned on each side of udder. They are long, not over-fleshed or over muscled. And they are in curving towards udder.


The hock is the middle joint of a goat’s back leg.


Front part of the feet is called toe. The toe should be symmetrical and close together.


Flat underside of front and rear feet is called sole. They should be level.

Hope this guide has helped you finding full information about goat legs. Good luck & may God bless you!

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