Beetal Goat Farming

Commercial beetal goat farming is popular in India, as it is an Indian goat breed. Although, today the beetal goat is also available in some other South Asian countries. Especially it is a very important goat breed of India, Pakistan and some other countries.

Beetal goats have similarity with the Jamunapari goat (which is another popular Indian goat breed), and they are highly milk productive just like Jamunapari.

Although the beetal goat is considered mainly as a meat goat breed. And the breed is very suitable for commercial meat production purpose.

The beetal goats are very suitable for stall fed goat farming system. And they can be raised either with little or no grazing place. They are very hardy and can adapt themselves with almost all environment and climates easily.

The beetal goats are relatively larger in size and they grow relatively faster. Thus they are very good for commercial meat production purpose, although some people also raise them for milk production purpose. You can raise this goats as a dual-purpose animal for both meat and milk production purpose.

How to Start Beetal Goat Farming

Starting beetal goat farming business is relatively easy. Starting to raise these goats is just like raising any other goats. Even the beetal goats require relatively less care and management than other common meat goat breeds. Here we are trying to describe more information about starting beetal goat farming business.

Purchase Goats

First of all, you have to purchase goats for starting your farm. You can easily purchase beetal goats from any of your nearest livestock market or from any existing farms in your area. You can also search your local online classifieds for purchasing goats.

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Like many other goat breeds, the beetal goats also prefer dry place for living. So, it’s very important to keep their living place dry and raised from the ground. Generally, 10-12 square feet housing space will be enough for each goat.

Although you will need to make a separate playing space if you want to raise your goats in stall fed system. Make separate rooms for breeding bucks and nursing does. Clean the house often and always try to make the living place comfortable for your goats.


Feeding the goats with high quality nutritious feeds is very important. And you probably know, providing the goats with fresh and nutritious feeds is very essential for successful goat farming business.

Beetal goats are ruminants like other goats and they generally consume all types of plants, leaves, grasses etc.

Providing the animals with supplementary goat feeds is also important for commercial beetal goat farming business, because these goats are highly milk and meat productive. You have to ensure sufficient ratio of protein and carbohydrate in their food.

And along with providing the goats with enough nutritious feeds, you also have to provide them with enough clean and fresh water. So, ensure availability of fresh water all the time for your goats.


The beetal goats are naturally good breeders. The bucks generally become mature at their 12 to 15 months of age. And the does start kidding when they are about 20 to 22 months of age. The does generally produce a pair of kids every year.

You also need to take good care of the bucks to be successful in breeding process. Also try to take good care of the pregnant and nursing does.


Along with providing good housing facilities and nutritious feeds, the beetal goats also require some additional caring for better growth and maximum production.

So try to take good care of your animals. Vaccinate your goats timely and control both internal and external parasites. Keep good contact with a vet in your area.


Marketing the products (either milk or meat) is not a problem. You can easily sell the products in your local market. Meat and milk both have good market damand and value.

Tips for Beetal Goat Farming

The be successful in commercial beetal goat farming business, follow the tips mentioned below.

  • Always try to purchase good and high quality goats.
  • Ensure the goats are free from diseases or parasites before purchasing.
  • Make the house comfortable for your goats. And clean the house on a regular basis.
  • Always try feed your goats with very high quality and nutritious feeds.
  • Provide the goats with sufficient clean and fresh water as per their demand.
  • Keep the breeding bucks separated from the flock and take exra care of them.
  • Make separate room for the breeding bucks and nursing does.
  • Clean the house and equipment on a regular basis.

These are the common steps for starting and maintaining a profitable beetal goat farming business. Hope you will be able to make good profit from your beetal goat farming business. Good luck & may God bless you!

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