How To Milk A Goat?

Learning about how to milk a goat is very important, especially if you raise dairy goats and willing to enjoy milk.

Goat milk is very tasty and nutritious. It also a very popular source of refreshment because of it’s unique creamy taste and nutritional value. And the demand and consuming rate of goat milk is increasing day by day.

Many people are raising their own dairy goats to fulfill their daily family food and nutrition demand. Dairy goat farming is also a great source of fresh milk supply.

If you want to establish dairy goat farming business, then it will be very beneficial for you learning details about how to milk a goat.

How To Milk A Goat

If you are new in milking goats, you can learn the process of milking goats directly from a dairy goat producer.

Because practical experiences are very helpful than bookish knowledge. And nothing can bit your practical knowledge. However, learn step by step milking process of a goat.

  • First of all keep your goat on a flat surface or on a milk stand (stanchion).
  • You can train your goat perfectly so that you can get your goat to hop onto the stand by herself. This process is very easy and simple. Do the same process for several days. Then she will automatically learn it by herself.
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  • Always milk and feed your goats at the same time. By doing this process they will learn when their feeding and milking time arrive and they will be ready to be milked. Regularity is very important for milking the goat daily.
  • Select a calm and quiet place for milking your goats. Because in such a calm and quite place your goat will be more relaxed and calm during milking without distraction. This will make your milking process easy and simple.
  • It will be better if you can build a dedicated milk room for your goats. But it is not necessary for the beginners.
  • During milking try to use a stainless steel pail and strainer. Because steel pail and strainer harbor less bacteria than plastic or other material.
  • Before milking, always wipe down the udder to make the goat clean. You can purchase udder wipes that is available in the market. Udder wipes also help to kill bacteria.
  • During milking discard first few squeezes of milk. Because this milk can contain bacteria.
  • For milking a goat, simply put both of your thumb and forefinger around their teat, right up against the udder. After that squeeze firmly (never hardly). This is an important part of milking process, because it will keep the milk from flowing back into the udder. After that squeeze your pinky, ring and middle finger together against the teat. Do it sequentially from top to bottom in a very rapid movement. You will know you have got it right when a full stream of milk shoots out with each squeeze. During milking it is very important that you don’t pull down on the teat but bring your free fingers together one at a time from the top to the bottom of your hand as you squeeze. Always release your fingers to let milk fill the teat again and repeat the same process.
  • Milking two teats at the same time is much more efficient and when you get good at it you will establish your own rhythm, doing one teat first and then the other. Keep squeezing until the udder is mostly depleted.
  • After that, remove the pail from goat and wipe her udder.


During the first few squeezes observe the color of the milk. If you found any pink or red color in this milk, then don’t milk the goat anymore. Because it is a sign that your goat may have mastitis disease.

So now what do you think? Can you do the process? Trust me it is very very easy and simple. Milking a goat is also very entertaining and you can enjoy it. Try to milk your goat by your own.

Because they like to be milked by the same person daily. If you are new in dairy goat farming business, you can practically learn how to milk a goat from your nearest dairy goat producer.

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