Goat Kidding Signs

Goat kidding signs are some pre-delivery physical or behavioral changes on your pregnant goats. You may notice some kidding signs on your doe before giving birth of kids. Keep monitoring your pregnant goats.

Be more careful if you notice any physical, behavioral, eating or any other changes in your pregnant doe. Usually the gestation period of goat is about 150 days.

Goat Kidding Signs

Most of the doe display numerous indications of kidding. Although some doe may not display absolutely any prior indications.

So it’s a good idea to closely monitor your pregnant does. The most common signs of goat kidding are shortly described below.

Appetite Loss

Your pregnant does can sometime experience appetite loss just before kidding. Although it’s not particularly common in all goats.

If you notice that your pregnant doe has almost no or little interest in her feed, then it might be her kidding time.

Behavioral Change

Sudden behavioral change is also a sign of goat kidding. If you notice any antsy or unusual sudden behavioral changes in your doe, then it might her kidding time or kidding may be right around the corner.

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During this period, she can try to keep herself away from fellow goats and may behave in an uncharacteristically antisocial manner. Some does may seem anxious and as a result they can constantly paw at things.

They can also be significantly more vocal with frequently bleating than usually they are.

For kidding some does can also establish a nest within the soil and sometimes can be very protective of her designated site.

Before parturition, most of the does also become very antsy and frequently change their sitting or sleeping positions to have some physical relaxation.

Genitals & Udder

Some experienced goat producer can tell that a goat is kidding by closely looking at her. And in most cases, the accuracy rate become very high.

You can also tell whether your goat is kidding or not by looking at her, if you have proper experience. Your goat may be very close to giving birth, if you notice your doe’s udder and outer genitalia is just a lot bigger than normal and if it seem puffy.

Before kidding, doe’s udder contain a lot of milk for feeding her new babies. Sometimes the udder of your doe can also take on a rigid or hard appearance. However, pay attention to your pregnant doe and closely monitor it’s all activities.


Usually does develop thread-like mucus masses out of their tails right before kidding. It’s a clear goat kidding sign.

Kidding is about to happen if you notice the appearance of mucus out of the vulva of your doe.

Tail Bone

Another physical goat kidding signs is involved with the tail bone of your pregnant doe. Jutting out of your pregnant doe’s tail bone a lot more than normal is a result of her ligament muscles slackening. And it’s a direct indication of kidding.

These are the common goat kidding signs. It’s much easier for an experienced person to detect the goat kidding signs.

Practice makes perfect and you will be able to tell your goat’s kidding time if you raise goats for a long time. It’s pretty tough for the beginners but don’t worry, gradually you will learn even more.

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