Common Vaccination For Goats?

You need to know more about common vaccination for goats, if you want to raise goats and want to keep your goats healthy.

Like other livestock animals, goats are also susceptible to an assortment of diseases. Diseases can harm a lot to your goats, can minimize their production and shorten their lives.

So, timely vaccination is must for making your goats more sustainable against various types of goat diseases or illness.

Vaccination for goats not only make them diseases resistive but also help them to keep healthy. Your goats can be affected by a wide variety of diseases.

Common Vaccination For Goats

Some diseases and their common vaccination for goats are described below.


Enterotoxemia is a common disease in sheep and goats. It is also known as overeating disease. This disease causes in goats due to bacteria (Clostridium perfringens types C and D) living in the digestive tracts of goats.

Infected goats suffer from severe stomach pain and stop eating. This disease can sometimes causes death. A basic annual vaccine commonly administered with the tetanus vaccine is used for preventing this disease.


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Pneumonia is very dangerous for goats and one of the most common causes of death in goats. It make your affected goats very ill.

For preventing pneumonia, you should vaccinate your goats against this disease when your goats are within their 4 to 6 months of age. Usually two initial doses are used for preventing this disease.

You should give booster shots for the pneumonia vaccine on a yearly basis. Some people experienced that, after receiving the vaccine, goats appear to limp.


Rabies is a fatal disease in mammals and can harm a lot to your goats. Usually goats get affected by rabies if they are bitten or attacked by an animal that has rabies.

Consult with your vet and apply rabies vaccines if you notice this disease on your goats.

Some Off-Label Vaccines

Off-Label vaccines means, some vaccines that are not specifically prepared and sold for goats but can be used for goats. Although it is not recommended for using as a goat vaccine by it’s manufacturer.

But sometimes this types of off-label vaccines work best for the goats. For an example, you can give sheep foot rot vaccine to your goats, although this vaccine is for sheep for preventing foot rot.

Before applying off-label vaccines to your goats, always consult with your vet. Using some vaccines are too risky and can result negative side effects occurring.

Vaccine NameDiseasesApplying Time
CDTEnterotoxemia & TetanusDoes: During fourth months of pregnancy.Kids: 1st during 1 month old and one month later.All: Booster annually
ChlamydiaChlamydia abortionDuring first 28 to 45 days of pregnancy.
CLACornybacterium pseudotuberculosisThis vaccine is applied for kids at their 6 months of age, 3 weeks later and annual booster.
PneumoniaMannheimia Haemolytica pneumonia or Pasteurella multocidaGive two doses. 2 to 4 weeks apart from each.

A goat vaccine works best if you can give it properly in proper time and conditions. Follow this guidelines while giving vaccination to your goats.

  • Never vaccinate an ill goat. Only vaccinate the goats when they are in good health conditions. This will minimize the chances of adverse reactions and side effects.
  • Before applying the vaccine to your goats, double check it’s expiration date and avoid using cloudy or expired vaccines.
  • Try to use a 20 gauge and 1 or 2/4 inch needle for an adult goat and 1/2 inch needle for kids.
  • Before applying, read the instructions carefully and always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for dosage.
  • Be very careful while transporting and using vaccines. Don’t mix the vaccines.
  • Always keep a record of your vaccination program and do not delay booster shots for best result.

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