Sheep Farming in India

Sheep farming in India is one of the traditional occupations of some people of India. People of some regions are raising sheep as domestic animal for fulfilling family nutrition demand and business purpose from the ancient time. Sheep is a small sized calm animal and grows rapidly. And the raising system is very easy and simple.

Indian climate is very suitable for setting up sheep farming business in India. Sheep farming require little investment and we can get the returns of investment within a very short period.

Sheep farming in India can be a great source of handsome income for the marginal and landless farmers. There are numerous sheep breeds are available in our country. And many people are taking the opportunities of sheep farming business.

However, here we are describing the main advantages of sheep farming in India and the steps for starting this business domestically or commercially.

Advantages of Sheep Farming in India

Sheep farming business is very profitable. It is a great business idea for the marginal and landless farmers to earn some extra income. The main advantages of sheep farming in India are listed below.

  • Sheep are strong animal and well adopted to environment.
  • They require less care and management.
  • Rate of sheep meat in India is increasing day by day.
  • You can produce various types of products from sheep. They are suitable for wool, skins, meat, manure and milk production.
  • On an average a female sheep can give birth of 1-2 kids per delivery.
  • Sheep require less place for living. In domestic rearing you can keep your sheep with other livestock animals. But for commercial production you must have to build a house or shelter for them.
  • Labor costs for sheep farming in India is also very low.
  • Sheep can survive by eating various types of grasses, weeds, plants, spinach, roots, plant roots and different types of low quality foods.
  • Sheep do not damage the plants like goats while eating.
  • They also helps the farmer by eating unwanted plants.
  • Their production is not for a certain period. They continuously produce valuable wool, meat, skin and manure throughout the year.
  • Sheep meat has a huge demand and there are no religious taboos of consuming sheep meat in India.
  • Sheep are considered as economical converter of grasses and green plants into valuable meat and wool.
  • Sheep dung is a great fertilizer. We can also maximize our crop production by using sheep dung in our crop field.
  • Domestic sheep farming in India can create some extra income opportunities for the poor people, students and women.
  • Commercial sheep farming business can create new employment opportunity for the unemployed educated people. Thus the unemployed educated people can earn their livings through sheep farming and contribute the country national income.
  • Easy bank loan for sheep farming business is available in India.
  • Along with those advantages, there are many advantages of sheep farming in India.

How to Start Sheep Farming in India

Setting up commercial sheep farming business in India is really very easy and simple. You can easily setup small scale or large scale sheep farming business by going through some step by step process. Follow the steps for starting domestic or commercial sheep farming in India.

Farm Location

Farm location is very important for starting sheep farming business. Although almost all places of India are suitable for sheep farming. But while selecting suitable location consider some essential facilities for the sheep.

The important facilities for the sheep includes good source of clean and fresh water, availability of sufficient amount of green foods, good medication facility, good transportation and marketing. While selecting farm location consider those facilities.

Sheep Breeds

There are many sheep breeds available throughout the world. Some of those are very suitable for commercial sheep farming in India. Along with those productive breeds we also have many local breeds too. Some highly productive sheep breeds are listed below.

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Good sheep housing or making shelter for sheep is very important. A shelter or house keeps the animal free from all types of adverse weather. Housing or fencing cost for raising in open fields is very low.

You can easily make a shelter for your animals by fencing certain area with a height of 1 meter. But during winter and rainy season you must have to keep your animals inside a house.

Generally, an adult sheep require about 20 squire feet floor space. You can easily keep 5 sheep in a house with 10 feet long and 10 feet wide. Keep the roof at least 6 feet high from the floor.

Always keep the floor and total house clean and dry. Make proper ventilation system inside the house, so that fresh air and light can easily enter inside the house. Keep a drain inside the house and clean the house daily.


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Providing high quality and nutritious foods keep the animals healthy, diseases free and productive. So, always try to feed your animals fresh and nutritious food.

Generally, sheep eat all types of green grasses, plants and almost everything edible they find in front of them. Along with providing good food, always provide them sufficient amount of clean and fresh water. See sheep feeding.

Care & Management

Always try to take good care of your animals. Buy healthy and productive breeds, provide them good housing, feed and always take good care of them.

Sometimes they may get infected by various types of diseases. Timely vaccination and proper medication can prevent various types of sheep diseases.

Sell your animals timely when they reach marketing age. In cage of wool production, collect wool after a several period and sell the products in the market.

For commercial sheep farming in India try to visit your nearest livestock training center and learn more about profitable raising system of sheep.

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