Raising Sheep

Sheep is a very fast growing small species of animal. Raising sheep  is very easy and profitable. The climate of our country is very suitable for sheep farming.

Sheep farming needs low investment and provide a handsome benefits. It can be a great income source to the small, marginal and to the landless farmers. Almost all places of our country is suitable for sheep farming.

There are many breeds of sheep is available in our country. But recently it is seen that, many valuable species of sheep are going to be extinct.

Unplanned breeding process, lack of proper care and nutrition, insufficiency of proper treatment is the main causes of these.

By keeping them in healthy place, absolute and determined reproductive activity and a little care can save them from extinction.

Beneficial Aspects of Sheep Farming

  • Sheep farming required a small house. So, the farmer needs low capital for housing.
  • Labor cost for sheep farming is low.
  • Sheep farming needs a little investment to start. They starts increasing within a few days.
  • The sheep can survive by eating grass, plant, weed, spinach, plant leaves, roots, barks etc.
  • Sheep do not damage valuable vegetation like goat.
  • Helps the farmer by eating unwanted plants.
  • They produce wool, meat, leather and manure throughout the year.
  • There is no religious restriction of consuming sheep meat.
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If you decided to make a sheep farm, read below very carefully.


Raising sheep in open field reduces the food cost. In this system, you can raise sheep by making a fence with a height of 1 meter.

During summer season you can keep them under a tree. In other season 20 squire feet house is required per sheep.

To keep 5 sheep 10 feet long and 10 feet wide house is best. The roof of the house would at least 6 feet of height. The house should not wet.

The floor can be slanting. The house have to have well air traffic facility. Draining system in the house should properly maintained. The sheep should not raise by tied them with rope.


The sheep generally eat wild grass, bush weed, spinach, bark, roots, leaves etc. Along with this if you can feed them almond cake and sunflower cake it will increase the production capacity of sheep.

The farmer should feed the sheep 100-200 grams of this types of cake with the grass and leaves to get better production.

Feeding Kids

The baby lamb should feed according to the chart below.

  • Broken Maize   — 22 percent
  • Broken Gram    — 20 percent
  • Almond Cake   — 35 percent
  • Wheat                — 20 percent
  • Mineral Salt     — 2.5 percent
  • Salt                   — 0.5 percent

Adult Sheep Feeding

The adult sheep should feed according to the chart below.

  • Broken Maize   — 37 percent
  • Broken Gram    — 15 percent
  • Almond Cake    — 25 percent
  • Wheat                — 20 percent
  • Mineral Salt      — 2.5 percent
  • Salt                    — 0.5 percent

Always keep the food in dry place. Although the sheep eats all types of food, they should not provide the food which is very hard to digest.

Jack fruit leaves, drumstick, radish, spinach carrot, bean etc. are very good food for sheep. Grainy food should provide 150-250 grams per sheep daily. For every pregnant sheep 500-700 grams of grainy food should provide.

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